Men of War II released date confirmed for September

by on June 22, 2023

Developer Best Way and publisher Fulqrum has announced a September 20th release date for highly anticipated RTS title, Men of War II. This news comes after recent beta announcements, and means that players waiting on the game can grab it via PC on Steam or Epic Games Store on September 20th.

At launch Men of War II will have three “huge single-player narrative campaigns, which will guide the player through explosive fictional stories set against a historically accurate background. Featuring plotlines from three global powers – the Americans, Soviets and Germans – players will utilise military strategy to lay waste to their adversaries and fulfil various tactical objectives”.


The American campaign, ‘The Falaise Pocket’, sees players taking on the role of Allied troops facing the task of eliminating German forces west of the Seine.

‘Thwarted Blitzkrieg’ is the Soviet campaign, and follows an almost hopeless situation for the USSR, as they struggle to slow the encroaching German tank forces.

In the German campaign, ‘On Their Own Soil’, players act as an old soldier amidst the collapse of the Third Reich, following the difficult road of retreat and loss, in a war that was never truly his own.

Each story chronicles the breadth of struggle and conflict from the historical backdrops that they are set upon, giving the player a realistic experience with intense real-time battle action.

Alongside these heart-stopping narrative battles, six further bonus standalone missions provide players with even more heart-stopping action.

As you’d expect, there is multiplayer as part of Men of War II, with over 20 maps, 5 PvE modes, and 13 (thirteen!) PvP modes. There will be support for mods, including an editor supported at launch. The idea is that the title will keep growing thanks to mods and support via community created content, and that’s on top of the campaigns, multiplayer, raids, and conquest modes.

Men of War II is coming to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) on September 20th.