New Immortals of Aveum trailer released for Summer Game Fest

by on June 9, 2023

During Summer Game Fest, EA and Ascendant Studios released a new Immortals of Aveum trailer, showing off more gameplay.

The new trailer for Immortals of Aveum, called “Colossal Assault” had an interesting caveat at the start, saying “visual quality depends on your system”, as the game is coming to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, EA App), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X, and shows off more about “the epic fight undertaken by our hero Jak (Barnet) and his fellow Immortal Magni, Devyn and Zendara, as they hop aboard one of the most imposing elements of the game, a 400-foot-tall Colossal; an ancient titanic war machine able to transport an entire battalion of Magni into battle”.

EA says that “the Colossals are heavily regulated due to their immense destructive power, but Jak and crew will use whatever means to chase down Sandrakk and gain the upper hand in the Everwar”. Check out the trailer, below:


Immortals of Aveum is set in an original fantasy universe engulfed in magic, rife with conflict, and on the edge of the abyss. Players experience this visceral and cinematic, story-driven game through the eyes of Jak, as he joins an elite order of battlemages, masters all three colors of magic – blue, green, and red – and decimates legions of enemies with clever chained attacks and well-timed counters. Combining a modern story within a fantasy setting, the world of Aveum is filled with unforgettable characters, fast-paced action and spell-based combat that defies FPS conventions.

“I’m incredibly excited to finally show the world Immortals of Aveum. It’s been a five year journey for us at Ascendant, and I’m so proud of the team and their commitment to making something great,” said Bret Robbins, CEO and Game Director at Ascendant Studios. “We set out to create a cinematic, thrilling shooter set in a new fantasy world, with fast and fluid combat and an epic story. I can’t wait for everyone to play it.”

Immortals of Aveum is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X on July 20th.

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