Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors is a roguelite bullet hell hitting early access in September

by on August 14, 2023

Time will tell if it’s too soon to call a game a “Vampire Survivors-alike”, but Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors is a roguelite bullet hell survivor game, that is coming to early access on PC (via Steam) on September 14th.

The Pathfinder series has been around a while now, but BKOM Studios and Paizo has said this will let players “experience Pathfinder through a whole new lens, and oppose the legendary villain Tar-Baphon in this roguelite bullet hell survivor game”.

Here’s a massive amount of information from the press release, as well as the latest trailer:


The disgraced lich-emperor Tar-Baphon lies sealed away beneath his ancient seat of power, Gallowspire. Here, he has cunningly devised the means for his escape. As the wards that contain him begin to fail, three brave heroes step into Gallowspire’s depths, tasked with battling through his army of undead to put an end to his plans.

Players battle through Gallowspire as one of three mighty heroes: Fighter, Wizard, or Rogue. While each has their own strengths and talents that will aid their efforts against Tar-Baphon, the task at hand is too much for a lone hero. Choose an ally to fight alongside you as you slay hordes of enemies, collect and upgrade your arsenal of spells and weapons, and eradicate Gallowspire’s terrifying bosses.

There will be many failures throughout your journey, but aided by a mysterious amulet, the heroes can escape death and grow stronger with each attempt. Only those who find the strength to break through Gallowspire may face the eternal emperor. But one victory will not be enough to seal away the Whispering Tyrant forever. Heroes must confront him again and again to buy the world of Golarion the time it needs to prepare for Tar-Baphon’s seemingly inevitable return.

Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors launches into Early Access on September 14th. You can wishlist the game right now, though.