PayDay 3 reveals post launch year one plan and two new characters

by on September 7, 2023

As well as revealing two new female playable characters, Starbreeze has also revealed the PayDay 3 post-launch roadmap for year 1.

Announced via a new PayDay 3 trailer, the two characters are called Pearl and Joy, and the trailer description says: “Listen up gang, we have two additions joining in on your next heists. Joy makes a return to PayDay as the groups’ hacker, while Pearl brings a new flair of magnificence to the team. Play as either of these heisters at the launch of PayDay 3 on September 21”.

Check out the trailer below:


In a press release, Starbreeze and publisher Deep Silver revealed a bit more information on the duo, as follows.

Pearl is an expert con artist and infiltrator who is as comfortable running street cons as she is rubbing elbows with the rich and famous if it brings home the prize. She leaves nothing to chance, and it’s a rare occasion when things don’t go her way. But if the situation calls for it, she’s no stranger to firearms. And make no mistake; she’s a vicious fighter.

Joy is a genius hacker and security expert. A merciless heister. Joy is a dangerous combination of both. She has a complete lack of respect for authority and a twisted sense of humour. But in a heist, she’s all aces.

But there’s more PayDay 3 related news, as the developer has also revealed the year one roadmap for the game, in terms of DLC. While plans can change, the current plan is as follows.

PayDay 3 roadmap year 1

  • DLC 1 – Syntax Error set for Winter 2023
  • DLC 2 – Boys in Blue is set to release in Spring 2024
  • DLC 3 – The Land of the Free will release in Summer 2024
  • DLC 4 – Fear and Greed set for Fall 2024

Starbreeze also added that “Examples of additional content players can look forward to after the game launches on September 21st: seasonal events, playable characters, new enemy, weapons, Unreal Engine 5 upgrade, cosmetics, quality of life improvements, new features and much more”.

PayDay 3 launches on September 21st for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows Game Pass), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X (Game Pass day one title), and GeForce Now.