Developer says 2023 is “The Year of Payday 3” and reveals new logo

by on January 3, 2023

Announced way back in 2016, developer Overkill Software has revealed a new logo for Payday 3 and said it’s coming this year.

This came after publisher Starbreeze Studios acquired the intellectual rights for the Payday property back in 2016 for around $30 million. Following on from this, PLAION / Prime Matter (at the time under Koch Media) added around €50 million to help with development and marketing, which we’re starting to see in action, as we now have a trailer for… a logo reveal.


We don’t know a huge amount about Payday 3 yet, really, aside from it coming this year and having a snazzy new logo. It’s apparently going to be a service game (isn’t everything these days?) and some likely to get DLC after release.

The last time Payday graced most people’s gaming devices was in 2018 when Payday 2 came to Nintendo Switch. In his 8/10 scoring review, Mick Fraser said: “If you’ve played or are still playing any of the other versions, there’s no reason to pick up Payday 2 on Switch unless you really want to be able to play it on the go. If, however, you missed it the first time round, it’s absolutely worth picking up. Starbreeze has promised to support the Switch version with future DLC, and are certainly planning to add more, so it’s well worth the investment. It’s a fun shooter that requires brains as well as brutality, but which you’ll get far more mileage from if you play with a regular group”.

Payday 3, then, is out at some point in 2023 for both PC and consoles.