Worldless gameplay detailed in new developer commentary video

by on October 23, 2023

Noname Studios has released a developer commentary video for upcoming MetroidVania title Worldless, showing how it marries together the exploration from the genre people love, along with turn-based action, and RPG upgrades.

Creative and animation Director on Worldless, Joel Roset is on hand to show how players will be “rewarded for exploring every corner of a level with new abilities to unleash in combat and how the map has been efficiently designed to show players what they have already cleared and what is yet to be discovered”. The publisher also says that Roset will explain in the video the likes of “how a perfect parry system rewards skillful timing in defensive phases”.

Check out the trailer, below:


Worldless is set at a time where the rules of existence remain undefined. In this abstract setting, players will discover entities with opposing goals. One half is fixated on the virtue of their nature, the other is seeking to exchange it for their demise. This inevitably thrusts them into conflict as they battle for transcendence and you will find yourself embroiled in that fight, left to interpret the game’s mysterious narrative and its themes of growth and understanding for yourself.

We actually played this one for preview back in July, and Lyle was pretty impressed with it. Back in Summer he said it “is showing a lot of promise, and anyone who loves platforming or turn-based RPGs as much as I do should have their eye on this one. The level variety and upgrades were impressive even in the opening couple of hours, and I can’t imagine that’ll change in the full game. I’m looking forward to evolving more later this year, and you should be too”. I have to say, Lyle has also got me very interested to try this one, too.

Worldless is coming to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on November 21st.