My Time at Sandrock | How to earn Gols

by on November 1, 2023

My Time at Sandrock can be a daunting experience when you first start, and earning gols, the game’s currency, can be tricky when you’re not sure how. There’re plenty of opportunity to do so, and with that in mind we’ve put together a handy guide that will show you some of the ways you can earn money right from the start.

Check the Commission Board

One of the best ways to earn a few hundred gols in My Time at Sandrock is to check the Commission Board in the Commerce Guild. Here, you’ll be able to take on certain requests that will give you a whole bunch of rewards by building certain things for residents or donating parts and materials that others might not have. Reputation, experience points, and building relationships can all act as benefits for these commissions, but some will offer you a substantial amount of Gols into the thousands. Just be mindful of how long you have to complete them as most have a time limit as well as the quality required.

Complete missions

This may be an obvious thing to suggest, but a lot of side missions outside the main ones will give you a nice amount of gols. Some might take five minutes to complete while others are a bit more in depth, but you can see the benefits of each side mission in your ‘mission’ tab. Again, they’ll be other benefits for completion, but gols are a common reward in My Time at Sandrock.

Head to the Abandoned Ruins

Ore is a rather valuable commodity in My Time at Sandrock, and by heading into the abandoned mines, you’ll be able to collect different kinds of ore that varies in value. Once you’ve gathered a decent amount that you’re unlikely to use, go and sell the excess to Rocky at the Eufaula Salvage offices. It might not give you a ton of gols, but it’s much more effective that selling other smaller items that you might have in your inventory.

Sell the stuff you don’t need

You’ll end up acquiring a lot of resources in My Time at Sandrock, and much of it can be managed efficiently by selling any excess you don’t need. Have a plan in place for what you want to focus on as the early stages will have you focused on only a handful of objectives. Collecting scraps and throwing them in your recycler will provide a constant flow of resources, and selling the excess in town will give you a steady wage for buying important parts you need.

Unlock the right Knowledge

When levelling up, you’ll earn stat points that can greatly improve your ability to earn more gols in My Time at Sandrock. Some of these might not seem a lot when looking at them, but over time your flow of money will increase without you even realising, and they can be a key component of becoming more wealthy. At different levels, some of the following are great at helping you earn more gols. These are:


  • Treasure Knowledge (Level 2) – Gain a 10% chance to get a large amount of gols when opening a chest


  • Barnyard Knowledge (Level 1) – Selling price of livestock increased by 20%


  • Advertising Knowledge (Level 3) – The Ad “More Gols” provides 10% extra gols
  • Quick Delivery Knowledge (Level 1) – Orders submitted the same day will receive 10% more experience
  • Quality Bonus Knowledge (Level 2) – Gain an additional 10% more gols for submitting higher quality itmes than requested in commissions
  • Shopping Knowledge (Level 2) – Your goods sell for 10% more