Nintendo Indie World Showcase coming tomorrow

by on November 13, 2023

Nintendo has announced the date for its next Indie World Showcase, and it’s very soon: November 14th at 5pm UK time (6pm Europe), which is 9am PT for those on Pacific Time.

As usual, the announcement of the Indie World Showcase is a pretty succinct one, with Nintendo simply saying “Tune in for roughly 20 minutes of new announcements and updates on indie games coming to Nintendo Switch”.  The actual video itself also confirms that there are “reveals, announcements, and updates on indie games for Nintendo Switch” via the description of the YouTube video itself.

You can watch the Nintendo Indie World Showcase on YouTube, or via the video below:


As usual, this is the type of thing that makes people say the name “Silksong”, as it’s been ages since we last heard anything on the Hollow Knight follow up.

There aren’t that many games left to come in 2023, though we do know of a few that are destined to hit Switch on launch day such as SteamWorld Build, Worldless, and Flashback 2. Some games like Silksong have been MIA for a while, like Metal Slug Tactics, which was thought to come this year, but has been pretty much silent for the entirety of 2023.  Rift of the NecroDancer was also rumoured for this year, but has been all quiet, too.

That said, there’s plenty of early 2024 releases that could show up here, such as Another Code, and smaller titles, too. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a surprise announcement that House Flipper 2 is also coming to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo have had a hot streak recently with first-party titles like Super Mario Bros Wonder, and even the new WarioWare title, and Super Mario RPG (the remake) is still to come this month as well. One thing is for sure, if you’re on a Switch as your main console, you aren’t hurting for games to be playing right now.