Podcast 539: Like A Dragon Gaiden, The Last Faith, Super Mario RPG

by on November 27, 2023

This week’s podcast sees the return of Chris White to talk all things Like a Dragon / Yakuza, after the release of the latest title, and ahead of 2024‘s turn-based RPG game.

That said, Chris Hyde and Adam are pretty smitten with a smaller, indie SoulsVania (that’s Mick’s term, and we’re using it!) that is addictive, but nobody seems aware of. Meanwhile, Adam gets to talk about Super Mario RPG, and the team get asked the burning question: What do they want from GTA6? We mention it on the podcast also, but it’s worth noting we may not be exactly “weekly” now, while we prepare and eventually record our GOTY 2023 awards. So if you don’t hear from us one week, that’s why!


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Download the audio MP3, here.

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