The Last Faith Jail Key guide | How to get the jailer’s key and open all the cell doors

by on November 21, 2023

The Last Faith jail key is an item you will be wondering about from the first hours you play the game, for at least another 8-10. You start in the location with loads of jail cells, but you cannot get the jailer’s key until much, much later in the game. In fact, you’ll likely need to be around 50% complete before you can even access the key itself.

The Last Faith jail key, however, opens up the chance to get a load of items, and in a run through the area, you can net about 60,000 Nycrux, giving you at least 6-7 levels just for exploring this optional area. There are numerous charms available to find in chests, including an anti-Dark one, and you will also find The Walryn Family Crest in this area, too, as well as The Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy. In other words, if you want to complete all the side quests, this area isn’t quite so optional, after all.

The Last Faith jail key: where is it, and what abilities do I need?

The Last Faith jail key

Slight spoilers are coming, so if you don’t want to know which abilities are unlocked as you progress, you best click away.

Still here? Good. You will need the grapple ability¬†and the double jump ability. You will need to have found the Caterina’s Church fast travel location, and while you’re here, you can just on the pedestal near Caterina, and double jump to get above it, for another item.

The Last Faith jail key

But that’s not why we’re here. Stand near the fast travel location, and double jump above it and slightly to the right, you will see a grapple point to a tiny ledge. So double jump, grapple, and climb up onto that ledge.

You can see us ducking in the space where the item would have been. It’s a simple glowing orb style item, so you wouldn’t expect it to be anything special, but it is: this is the The Last Faith jail key.

The Last Faith jail key

Once you’ve grabbed it, you can fast travel to the Temple of the Deposed Gods. You can unlock every door, though some you have to work your way around the long way to open with levers. It’s worth noting there are basic simple enemies here to begin with, but once you gain access to the deeper parts of the area, there are some seriously tanky enemies, and lots of them. We recommend level 50-60 to take this area on, with a weapon that’s around +5.

Have fun!

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