The Last Faith Wall Climbing guide | How to unlock the ability to wall jump

by on November 20, 2023

The Last Faith Wall Climbing is a bit of a strange one. In truth, to get through the game you never actually need to do any wall jumping or climbing, it’s an entirely optional ability. However, it’s an incredibly powerful one that nets you a load of secrets and items. Early on when playing, you’ll note a very obvious looking section where you can wall jump or climb, and this is the first area you’ll want to do it. But how?

With our The Last Faith Wall Climbing guide, you’ll learn what you need to do to unlock the ability, and get loads of items as a reward for doing so. Also, apologies for our screenshots being zoomed in: we had issues with our video capture for this part of the game.

The Last Faith Wall Climbing guide: what do I need?

The Last Faith Wall Climbing guide

Put simply, the entirely optional item you need to unlock is called “Technological Gloves” and you can buy it within the first hour of the game. You will need to get 10,000 of the game’s currency and go to Oxnevylle’s Manor. Head left and you will find Mariana who can sell it to you. It might seem a waste of money, so to speak, early on, but you can grind in The Last Faith very easily, so don’t worry too much about that. If you’re still concerned and want to upgrade your character a bit first, that’s fine, come back in a few hours and buy it then.

What should I do, now I can wall jump?

The Last Faith Wall Climbing guide

First things first, make a beeline for the Inquisition Foyer, which is likely the place you first saw the walls you can bounce between. Go up here and to the right, and you will find a chest with an item called Technological Lens, which allows you to pass through the glowing blue doors all across the map. This item is an absolute godsend, because there are almost always items and chests through these doors. This item you’ve now unlocked is the secret item-item. Congrats, you’re gonna be much better off now you’ve done this. Oh, and never forget to try to hit a wall in these areas, as there’s often secret walls too!