The Last Faith Yegor and Leena boss fight guide | How to beat fire and electric

by on November 20, 2023

The Last Faith Yegor and Leena boss fight is one of the tougher fights in the middle section of the game. It’s the first time you’ve been properly tested in a Dark Souls Ornstein & Smough style, with two enemies at once, both with very different attack patterns. However, beating The Last Faith Yegor and Leena boss fight isn’t as tough as it first appears, but you do need to be patient, and on your toes when it comes to dodging.

In our guide, we’ll walk you through how to best this fire and electricity duo, and you’ll be moving on and getting a new power to progress further into the game.

The Last Faith Yegor and Leena

The Last Faith Yegor and Leena: where to start?

It might be tempting to target Leena as she’s the smaller, and less fear inducing member of the duo, but that would be the hardest way to complete this boss fight. Instead, you almost need to ignore her until the first phase of the fight shifts slightly. In the meantime, make sure you go after Yegor a lot. Attack as much as you can, and then dodge roll through and behind him, just before he swings his electric attack down at you.

You might notice the “Y” marker appears over his head if you get a few hits in, and this means you can do a “visceral” attack for large damage, but importantly, you’re invulnerable during this animation, so don’t worry about Leena peppering you with fire attacks.

Platforms are here, now what?

The Last Faith Yegor and Leena

This is where you need to get your dodging on point. You have a few seconds as Yegor will wind up for his AoE attack that coats the entire floor in electricity. It won’t kill you, or immediately make you be “electrocuted”, but you don’t want to be there long. Instead, you can now go for Leena. She has a few moves here, but only one is awkward. She will jump and attack with fire towards you. Jump over the first two and the others should pass over your head. She will move from left to right (and back) on the platforms, and if you’re quick, you can get behind her and avoid these attacks entirely, getting damage in from behind.

She will also use a massive fire blast, which you can just duck underneath (hold down). But if you’re quick enough, you can be behind her when she does this, making her a sitting duck for loads of free hits. When the electricity stops below, go back to attacking Yegor, and repeat until he’s gone.

Down to one, how do I beat Leena?

First up, be patient. Do not panic, and do not try to get extra hits in. She has the same fire attacks from before, and you dodge them the same way. She now adds a middle of the screen jump away and single fire attack, and it looks as though you want to roll under. You can do this, but you’ll get better results jumping over and closing the distance again. She will also jump and throw purple shuriken at you, which you can return before they explode with a tap of the Y button. That said, she can dodge these, so it’s better to stay healed up and focus on damaging her. Keep avoiding the attacks, keep the pressure up; don’t get greedy, and she’ll drop. Congratulations, go and get your new power!