Metal: Hellsinger Purgatory DLC and free Horde Mode released

by on December 7, 2023

The Outsiders and Funcom have together announced that the Metal: Hellsinger Purgatory DLC and free Horde Mode is now available to download.

The developer says that “the music, outfits, and new weapon in the Purgatory DLC are designed to be enjoyed in any game mode and at any level of progression”, explaining you can “make your guns roar to three face-melting tracks concocted by composers Two Feathers and performed by two powerful new voices – Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum) and Joe Bad (Fit for an Autopsy) – as well as the returning Matt Heafy (Trivium)”.

Check out the new video, below:


Galloping straight into Hell alongside the DLC is the free Horde Mode Update, in which players will take on increasingly challenging waves of demons in brand-new arenas. Choose between powerful upgrades after each wave and build yourself into a demon to be feared. Spend Void Echoes collected during each run to unlock permanent upgrades.

The new Horde Mode expands and diversifies Metal: Hellsinger by adding a sprinkle of roguelite to the thrilling gameplay flow, each run taking the player on a blazing ride from regular demon to rampaging, headbanging instrument of destruction. Completing the new mode brings a prize: a new skin that lets you spread your wings and glide through the air.

The Purgatory DLC is $5.99, while the Horde Mode is a free piece of content. We really enjoyed Metal: Hellsinger, with our review giving it a 9/10 score and saying it “is an excellent FPS at its core, with fluid movement and gunplay that highlights the calibre of developers at The Outsiders. When you mix in the rhythm elements, the level design, and the way different guns and Sigils factor in to each run, you’re given a wonderful mix of elements that make it a unique and frantic game capable of keeping you hooked for hours. The soundtrack is excellent, with some standout performances from Matt Heafy and Alissa White-Gluz”.

Metal: Hellsinger and this new DLC is out now.