Metal: Hellsinger first DLC announced: Dream of the Beast

by on March 7, 2023

The Outsiders and Funcom have together announced the first DLC for Metal: Hellsinger, and it’s Cristina Scabbia and Will Ramos.

Coming on March 29th, Cristina Scabbia (lead singer of Lacuna Coil, but also Twitch Streamer), and Willl Ramos (Lorna Shore) are joining the roster, but there will also be new game modifying outfits, and new weapons coming as part of the DLC.


To perform two brand-new original songs, we welcome new talent: the soaring powerhouse that is Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil, and the searing demon voice of Will Ramos from Lorna Shore. Players can select these songs from the new Song Selection feature that will arrive in a free update on the same day as Dream of the Beast releases.

On top of the two new songs, Dream of the Beast adds plenty more. Blast through demons in rhythmic bursts of death with The Red Right Hand, the new machine gun, and don one of three sizzling outfits that provide unique gameplay modifiers. With this DLC, players will be able to experience Metal: Hellsinger with a completely different beat and playstyle.

Chris White reviewed Metal: Helllsinger back in date, and loved it, giving it a big 9/10 score in his review, saying it “is an excellent FPS at its core, with fluid movement and gunplay that highlights the calibre of developers at The Outsiders. When you mix in the rhythm elements, the level design, and the way different guns and Sigils factor in to each run, you’re given a wonderful mix of elements that make it a unique and frantic game capable of keeping you hooked for hours. The soundtrack is excellent, with some standout performances from Matt Heafy and Alissa White-Gluz”.

It’s out now for PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC, and this new DLC is coming on March 29th.