Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth bonds guide | Max out your bonds

by on January 25, 2024

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth bonds are one of the key elements to having the most combat effectiveness, and ultimately the best time with the game. Maxing out your bonds means so many things, but aside from mechanical aspects like job skill inheritance, or follow-up attacks, it means you will get some of the coolest moments of story outside of the main adventure.

There are several ways to max out your Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth bonds, but with our guide we’ll get you there efficiently. Be aware, we will try our best not to spoil anything, but there may be moments we’re unable to do so, due to how late game things happen. With that in mind, let’s get on with our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth bonds guide!

Complete the bond bingo asap

Early on you will be taught about the bong bingo system. Here, you will see little bond bingo icons on the map and when you get to them, you’ll start a conversation with the person in question, which will fill out a bingo card. This is the quickest way to get your bond levels up, but don’t dismay if you can’t complete the bingo card right away. Clear the map of them all and then continue playing the story, or commit to another bond increase method from this guide, and you’ll eventually see more appear on the map.

bond bingo

After you get the full card filled out and the “best friends forever” tag added, you will eventually have a “finale” of sorts appear on the map. Look for a grey/white heart icon, and keep an eye out for the mini conversation your party member will have with you. Some require day and others night-time, but complete these and you’ll get another little scene, and a deeper bond.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth bonds: party!

It may sound obvious, but once you gain a bit of cash, hit the town! If you go to the night club in Hawaii you can pick two hosts to party with you, and loads of drinks. If you max our the potential here, you will almost certainly end up with 5 hearts for a party, which you can repeat, and these give you massive amounts of bond points. Whenever you have excess cash, hit up the night club and party. Likewise, have meals to replenish health and you will gain bonds that way too.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth bonds: drink links

As you start to deepen bonds, head to the hideout to take part in “Drink links”. These are character specific and unlock five opportunities to deepen a bond, and see more about the character you’re drinking with. Every 10-20 bond levels you’ll unlock a new drink link, and you can have a chat and give your opinion, gaining personality points for your hero, too.

Do every drink link you can

Note that the fifth drink link in every character’s story will always be a longer one, and almost always has a fight sequence as well. The later game you are, the higher level they’ll be. You’ll also get a trophy or achievement for seeing each character’s drink link through to completion.

Prioritise characters you use the most, but don’t neglect new ones

Late in the game you will get the last party member, who will immediately have loads of bingo bond icons appear, and it may seem a lot to do so late. But remember you’re not just deepening your Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth bonds so you can get story scenes, they actually change how the combat feels.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth bonds

Every bond level you unlock will add major bonuses to combat. From attacking knocked-down enemies, to combo-attacking with teammates, and eventually doing all of those things more often. Don’t neglect any party member, but do prioritise the ones you use the most.