Bang-On Balls: Chronicles current-gen version dated

by on February 20, 2024

Developer Exit Plan Games has announced the release date for its 3D open-world sandbox platform game, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X on March 5th. It’ll run at “glorious 4K (2160p) resolution with 60 FPS”, and “those with the current-gen versions will receive the next-gen features as part of a free update”.

Playable alone or with friends, the game supports “single player, 2-player split screen, and online co-op up to 4 players! Jump in and out sessions and keep any items and weapons collected”.

Check out the recent accolades trailer, below:


Glorious bouncy 3D platforming and combat inspired by some of the best in the genre from Italian plumbers, blue hedgehogs, or wild bandicoots! Become BOB, a reckless bouncy hero embarking on a quest of epic adventures and chaos.

Roll into jam-packed open worlds that let you explore and utterly smash them to pieces in the process! Conquer adversaries and boss fights, tackle thrilling challenges, and unearth multiple hidden secrets. Realms bursting with activities to do at your own pace while you break almost everything along the way.

Bounce between multiple (slightly inaccurate) historically themed open worlds each with their own unique mechanics, items, and enemies. From the Vikings through to the Age of Pirates. From Feudal Japan over into The Space Race. Each world lets you hop in and out whenever and carry over progress.

Here’s the list of upgrades:

  • PS5: 4K, 60fps
  • Xbox Series X: 4K, 60fps
  • Xbox Series S: Full HD, 60fps (dynamic resolution during co-op)

We reviewed the game on PC, and scored it 8/10, saying: “Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a charming 3D platformer that took me back to my childhood, with four dense and creative worlds to explore. Fans of collecting shiny doodads will have a whale of a time checking every nook and cranny, and with a whole lot of cool cosmetics to experiment with it feels worth the hunt. The combat is a little flat, but it can’t stop this wonderful rolling adventure from careering down the hill to funtown”.

Bang-on Balls: Chronicles is coming to current consoles, it’s out now on PC.