Ghostrunner 2 ‘Dragon Pack’ Expansion out now

by on February 9, 2024

505 Games and One More Level has today released the Dragon Pack Expansion for Ghostrunner 2 today, themed around the Year of the Dragon. The first-person action title welcomes a bunch of new cosmetics themed around the Year of the Dragon, and includes the following content:

  • Design Qi Motorcycle Skin
  • QiFang Sword and Hand Skins
  • QiScaled Sword and Hand Skins
  • QiGalaxy Sword and Hand Skins

As well as the cosmetic content coming to Ghostrunner 2 via the Dragon Pack expansion, all players will gain access to the free Chinese VO and an expansion of the current ‘Roguerunner.exe Mode’ that requires mastery of Jack’s wingsuit, more parkour elements, and vicious enemy encounters. While the paid DLC is part of the Season Pass and Brutal Edition, you can buy it as a standalone purchase for £3.99.

We reviewed Ghostrunner 2 when it came out in October last year and said, “Ghostrunner 2 is no less frustrating than its predecessor, and may even be tougher overall from the get-go, but it’s also a ridiculously addictive game. One More Level is a developer that fully understands the ethos behind its own name, and nails that exact chemistry with every second of Ghostrunner 2. You always want one more room, one more kill, one more ride, one more level. It will test your patience a lot, and your resolve even more, but it will also reward your perseverance with a rush of endorphins every time you overcome a tricky section or clear a tough room of enemies.

You can watch the Ghostrunner 2 Dragon Pack expansion trailer below: