Cross Blitz gets first major update, adding new hero

by on March 26, 2024

The Arcade Crew (Infernax, The Last Spell) has released an update for Cross Blitz today, adding a new hero and campaign.

The update adds Quill to the game, and with him comes a new three-chapter campaign called ” A Perilous Pilfering”. To celebrate the release the game itself is 30% off the normal £17.49 price from March 25th to April 1st, which is coincidentally during the Deckbuilders Fest Steam Sale.

Check out a new trailer showing off the freshly released content, below:


Quill’s desire to build a legacy for himself sees him braving increasingly dangerous heists, risking his well-being to score his next big payout. Though his devious talents are his only hope for paying his mounting debt, Quill’s underhanded skillset also helps him make ends meet for his beloved, struggling family. Bringing justice to his fellow common people by stealing from the upper class is a natural motivation for Quill, too.

Cross Blitz’s previous two ‘Fables’ campaigns feature the story of the fearless pirate Redcroft and his ordeal to win back his stolen freedom from a merciless princess; and the adventures of the famous pop star Violet in search for a way to unmask a mysterious doppelganger hijacking her stardom.

Here’s the key features for the game, from the latest press release:

  • Deep Deckbuilding Strategy: Build unstoppable decks from more than 400 cards, customizing and perfecting strategies to fit different playstyles.
  • Thrilling Adventure: Enjoy 40+ hours of thrilling adventure across different storylines as our heroes face a variety of trials and tribulations in the exciting story mode, ‘Fables’.
  • Endlessly Replayable Challenge: Brave the roguelite mode ‘Tusk Tales’ and venture through a randomized map filled with unique battles and choices to make, all while snagging powerful gameplay-changing trinkets and unlocking new tools to use on future runs.
  • An Enthralling World: Brimming with colorful characters, peculiar locales, and delightful secrets, Cross Blitz is as fun to discover as it is to behold.

It’s also worth noting that this update also brings achievements to the game, as well as “the debut of an in-game new set of cosmetic card backs”. The team says there are plenty of updates planned through early Q1 2024, right into Q2 2024 as well.

Cross Blitz is out now on PC via Steam via early access.