Displate posters are durable, eye-catching, and highly recommended

by on March 28, 2024

As someone who has been a massive fan of video games for his entire life, I like the idea of decorating my house with video game themed bits and bobs. This hasn’t always been easy though, because especially back when I was a youngster anything marketed towards gamers was just a bit tacky. I don’t want embarrassing “man cave” decorations adorning my house, I want art based on the games I love to be proudly displayed in the places I spend the most time with friends. Well the solution to this problem is simple, Displate metal posters.

As somebody who is firmly invested in nerd culture and likely always will be, I’d heard mention of Displate more than a few times over the past few years. The idea of an eye-catching poster made of metal immediately intrigued me, but for whatever reason (let’s face it, probably a lack of money) I never really thought to look into them further. Well I’m glad I changed that recently, because the sheer amount of gorgeous gaming (and non-gaming) decor they sell is incredible.


When I first loaded up the Displate website I was immediately greeted by pictures of some of my favourite properties, and frankly was a little overwhelmed. The idea of choosing a couple of posters that could hang in my living room and bedroom was exciting, but narrowing these down from thousands of designs was going to be tricky. I wanted something classic to start with, but that wasn’t just some old pixel art I’d be hanging on the wall. A couple of hours of gleeful searching later I found a Sonic the Hedgehog vintage travel poster that I fell in love with, and it was promptly added to the cart.

Next up was the bedroom, where I wanted something a little bit more love inspired. The idea of finding something romantic and video game inspired to hang on the wall seemed pretty close to impossible, but I should’ve trusted that Displate would have me covered. A Portal Companion Cube above the bed is possibly the most adorable and awesome decor idea I’ve ever had, and now I just had to wait for them to arrive.

As a first time Displate buyer I wasn’t sure what to expect when the box of posters arrived, but was pleasantly surprised when I found out. Packaged with cardboard between them and individually wrapped for safety, I was greeted by two seriously premium posters. The matte finish on the posters makes them really visually striking, and on the back of each of them is the signature of the “Master of Production” who was in charge of them, a hologram sticker to ensure their authenticity and a QR code which leads to a page with more details on when it was printed and showed me other similar posters. Displate calls each of their posters a treasure, and they really do feel that precious thanks to these special touches.


So I had two awesome posters in the house ready to go, and now I just needed to figure out how to put them up. Thankfully Displate had me covered with a handy guide on how to do this, and included an adhesive magnet, a protective leaf to go between the magnet and the wall and a cleaning wipe to ensure it all sticks perfectly to a newly cleaned surface. To hang a Displate all you need to do is stick the leaf to the wall where you want to hang it, then stick the magnet on the leaf and let physics do the rest. It was an incredibly easy process, but Displate also has videos of how to do it if you’re struggling.

One of the things that made me the most happy about these new Displates is the durability of them. Far too many times in the past I’ve had paper posters get physically damaged by walking too close to a wall, or even had framed art ruined by moild thanks to damp I didn’t know existed. Displates being made of metal just means you don’t have to worry about anything like that, and that peace of mind is something I really appreciate.

As someone who hadn’t ordered a Displate before I had no idea that their metal posters would be something I loved so much, but now I’ve got them I can’t imagine hanging much else on my walls. The quality of the posters is absolutely incredible, and the amount of designs available to choose from is fantastic. If you’re looking for some durable decor that you’ll be proud to hang in your house then you need to check out Displate now, I simply cannot recommend them enough.