WWE 2K24 | How to throw weapons

by on March 5, 2024

WWE 2K24 has had lots of tweaks and additions to its gameplay, making it one of the most well-rounded entries in the franchises history. Something that hasn’t been available until now is picking up a chair, microphone, or baseball bat and launching it right in the direction of an unaware opponent. Not only is it a useful mechanic in an Extreme Rules or TLC match, it’s a lot of fun watching Superstars throw weapons in WWE 2K24. We’ve put together a simple guide that will you show you how to do it, and it’s a lot easier than you might think.

WWE 2K24 Throw Weapons: Grab your weapon of choice

Depending on what match you’re participating in, weapons can be found at ringside, but most commonly under the ring. Press L1/LB on either the left or right side of the ring towards the middle, and you’ll be able to choose from a multitude of weapons. Once selected, head towards your opponent and get ready to throw.

WWE 2K24 Throw Weapons Guide 1

Ready, aim, fire

An enemy doesn’t have to be standing in WWE 2K24 to be able to connect when you throw weapons, but having them stand makes for a much more effective impact. There’s also no minigames involved, and they can also be running at you as well. With your weapon in hand, face towards your opponent and press Circle/B to throw whatever you’re holding straight at them. It doesn’t do a ton of damage, but it sure is funny watching a foreign object bounce off their cranium. If you happen to miss connecting, you can stand over a weapon and pick it up by pressing L1/LB. We’ve found this is one of our favourite features in WWE 2K24 and we can’t stop doing it.

So there you go, now you can get throwing weapons as well. Thanks for reading!