Crow Country is coming to Xbox Series S|X in May as well as PC and PS5

by on April 17, 2024

SFB Games, the team behind Tangle Tower and Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together! has announced Crow Country is coming on May 9th to Xbox Series S|X.

Crow Country is described as a “brand new horror inspired by classics from the PlayStation 1”, and the team says that you will “venture deep into the abandoned Crow Country theme park and uncover the secrets behind its owner’s sudden disappearance”, adding “where is Edward Crow? And who are you really, Mara Forest?”. This news means that it’ll be joining the PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam) versions on May 9th as well.

Check out the new trailer celebrating the Xbox announcements, below:


Immerse yourself in a richly atmospheric, deeply sinister game-world evocative of late ’90s pre-rendered graphics – move the camera and you’ll find it’s actually 3D! Make every bullet count as you manage limited resources and try to survive against the deadly creatures that stalk the eerily tranquil grounds of this mysteriously shuttered amusement park.

But don’t think monsters are your only problem: Crow Country hides many secrets behind its locked gates, so grab your flashlight, push through the fog, and overcome the gauntlet of puzzles and challenges that stands between you and the terrifying truth. How far would someone go to follow their ambition? Are some sins too wicked for redemption?

Encounter curious characters, unearth hidden lore, and piece together this strange, compelling tale of reckless hubris and human greed. With “Exploration Mode”, you can even switch off combat to focus entirely on solving the mystery and exploring the park!

Crow Country is coming to PC (via Steam), Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5 on May 9th.