Minishoot Adventures | How to fast travel

by on April 2, 2024

Minishoot Adventures is a lovely Metroidvania twin-stick shooter from SoulGame Studio and whilst playing it, you may be wondering how to fast travel in the game. With a reasonably-sized map to navigate and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore, you may often find yourself wanting to get from one place to another quickly.

Here at God is a Geek we’ve played Minishoot Adventures through until the end and so we have all the information you need on the game. So read in to find out all about fast travel in Minishoot Adventures.

Minishoot Adventures | Is there fast travel?

Unfortunately, Minishoot Adventures doesn’t have traditional fast travel in the game. There are likely a few reasons for this. The main one will be the nature of the world design itself. As you progress on your adventure, you’ll find plenty of buttons to press which unlock shortcuts back to your central home, where you started the game. You’ll recognise these by the signs dotted around the world pointing back to your village.

The other main reason is because you can actually upgrade the speed of your ship, to make it quicker to navigate the world around you.

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Other travel options

There is however an item you can acquire from a vendor robot in the village that has a fast travel type option. It is called the Village Star and can be purchased for 18 Red Coins. Once bought, you can use it to return to the main starting village at any point. Whilst it’s not a perfect fast-travel mechanic, it does save lots of backtracking, and the village itself is a pretty central location, which as we mentioned gets more and more paths back to it as you progress on your journey. Therefore the Village Star becomes more useful, the more paths you unlock and is a useful additional option as well as simply upgrading your speed.

And now you know how to fast travel in Minishoot Adventures