Minishoot Adventures | What to level up first

by on April 2, 2024

During your journey in Minishoot Adventure, you can level up, and you may be wondering which is the best thing to level up first. We’ve played through the whole game multiple times, so have all the answers you need for this Metroidvania, Zelda-alike twin-stick shooter from SoulGame Studio. Read on to find out what to level up first in Minishoot Adventures.

How levelling up works

Every time you shoot and kill an enemy in Minishoot Adventures, it will drop some red crystal on the ground. The tougher the enemy, the more crystal it drops. This crystal will then automatically be moved to a diamond-shaped container in the top-left of your screen. After you have collected a certain amount of small red crystals, you will fill the container, and you will acquire a level-up blue crystal. You’ll know when this has happened, because an animation will happen, the action on the screen will slow for a second, and enemy bullets will be temporarily dissipated. Once you have some blue crystals you can use them to upgrade your ship.

Minishoot Adventures | What to level up first

Now the question is, what to spend your level-up crystals on. There are quite a few options to choose from, and whilst all of them are good, in the sense they upgrade your ship, some are much better than others. Here are our top picks for what you should be selecting first, in order of priority.

1. Damage

Without question, Damage should always be the upgrade you are pumping your level-up crystals into at the start of the game. Every time you increase it, every bullet you fire is more powerful, which makes taking out enemies – your primary objective – much easier. In fact if you scrimp on this upgrade, you’ll find yourself in a much tougher place later on in the game as the enemies take much more firepower to eventually drop. Yes, the upgrade cost, and the numerous levels there are, mean it costs a lot of levels to completely max out Damage, but trust us, it’s worth it.

2. Fire Range

Assuming you’re now packing some serious damage, the next thing to consider is the range of your bullets. The bullets that come from your ship disappear after a distance, which is frustrating. But upgrading Fire Range makes them go further. This might seem like a waste, but as the enemies get more aggressive with their bullets, you’ll find yourself weaving and dodging, likely from a safer distance away from them. Having a longer Fire Range means you can damage them from further away, meaning you can kill from a distance much more easily.

3. Fire Rate

You’re now churning out heavy damage from afar, now next consider upgrading your Fire Rate. This dictates the speed with which you fire bullets. Particularly useful for hardier enemies and bosses, and improved Fire Rate will mean you’ll fire more bullets per second, and therefore deal more damage in the same time period. Very useful towards the end of the game.

4. Critic Chance

Another damage-type upgrade, and this time it increases the likelihood you’ll critical damage with a shot, increasing the damage dealt. Max this out and you’ll see Critical Hits landing more often, and enjoy the damage the deal out too.

5. Boost Speed

Not only does this mean that you can get around quicker – which is great for exploring the world, but Boost Speed particularly becomes important as you look to compete in the races against the smaller flying robots around pre-defined courses. A maxed-out Boost Speed stat – as well as a few Batteries – will make these challenges much easier to end up victorious in.


So there you have it they, are the upgrades you should level up first in Minishoot Adventures.