Planet Zoo Barnyard Animal Pack coming on April 30th

by on April 22, 2024

Frontier Developments has announced the Barnyard Animal pack is coming to the PC version of Planet Zoo on April 30th.

The pack will add seven new animals (such as alpacas!), “a selection of rustic scenery, and an exciting new campaign scenario”, and will cost £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99.

Check out the new trailer, below:


Guests will be able to meet seven beloved species which have lived alongside humans for generations, including: the thick-coated Highland Cattle, the curious Sussex Chicken, the sprightly Alpine Goat, the sociable Alpaca, the affectionate American Standard Donkey, the versatile Hill Radnor Sheep, and the intelligent Tamworth Pig. These friendly animals may even interact with guests if they are in the mood for affection!

The pack allows players to bring rural character into their zoos with over 60 new scenery pieces, from upcycled picnic tables to cast-iron water pumps, weathervanes, and more.

In addition, zookeepers can breathe new life into a once-neglected farm in a transformative new campaign scenario. Set against the rolling hills of the New Zealand countryside, they’ll team up with returning character Tiffany Summers to turn forgotten pastures into a thriving haven for animals.

On top of that, a free update will also be released for everyone that will add features like new scenery, hand washing stations, guest gates, and will allow you to convert some of the habitats so that animal encounters can be enabled with some species.

The console version of the game also recently launched, and our reviewer enjoyed that, saying: “Depending on how you want to play, Planet Zoo: Console Edition offers so much content and tons of options that go into every facet of park management. There’s so much to get your head around that it might put people off, but it’s a gorgeous game with real warmth, and even when the going gets tough you’re encouraged to keep going thanks to the emphasis it puts on your relationship with both the animals and the people that visit your park. It also controls well on consoles, with big text, tons of tutorial notes, and all the information you would possibly need to succeed”.

Planet Zoo is out now.