Stardew Valley version 1.6 update is coming to mobile and console versions

by on April 8, 2024

Stardew Valley has had a sort of “one last hurrah” update on PC recently, and it turns out the 1.6 version update is also coming to console and mobile.

Taking to Twitter/X, developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone said: “Console and mobile 1.6 — They are in progress and will be released as soon as possible. I have no specific release date, but I will give updates if there is anything significant to share. I really appreciate your patience and understanding”.

The update is not what many were expecting, because it’s far larger than a game this old often gets. The full change log for v1.6 is located here, but we’ve put some of the larger points below:

  • Added new festivals and events: The Desert Festival is a three-day event in spring which can be accessed after the bus is repaired. Two mini fishing festivals: Trout Derby and SquidFest.
  • Added a “mastery” system, accessed via a new area, which grants powerful perks and items…
  • Added a new farm type: Meadowlands Farm. It has a chewy blue grass that animals love. You also start with a coop and 2 chickens.
  • Added many new NPC dialogues
  • You can now get multiple pets (after getting max hearts with your starter pet)
  • Added a world map for Ginger Island, visible when visiting the island

There are also a plethora of new items:

  • Big Chest, which has almost double the size of a regular chest. It can also be placed “onto” a regular chest to upgrade it.
  • Dehydrator, which turns fruit into dried fruit and mushroom into dried mushrooms.
  • Mushroom Log, which produces mushrooms and interacts with nearby trees.
  • Bait Maker, which can produce fish-specific baits.
  • Heavy Furnace, which can process more bars at a time, and yield bonus bars.
  • Fish Smoker, which produces smoked fish, doubling the value of the fish. You get one by default when starting a new riverlands farm.
  • Text Signs, which can be written on.
  • Anvil, which allows you to re-roll trinkets.
  • Mini-Forge, which acts as a Dwarvish Forge.


  • Statue Of Blessings, which grants a random blessing each day.
  • Statue Of The Dwarf King, which allows you to select one of two mining buffs for the day.
  • Tent Kits, which allow you to build a tent which can be slept in for one night.
  • Treasure Totems, which spawn a ring of diggable spots.
  • Mystic Seeds, which grow a unique tree which can be tapped.
  • Mystic Syrup, a valuable tapper product.
  • Deluxe Bait, gets fish biting faster than regular bait.
  • Challenge Bait, which allows for up to 3 fish to be caught at once, but loses 1 each time a fish leaves the bobber bar.
  • Deluxe Worm Bin, which upgrades the regular worm bin to produce deluxe bait.
  • 19 unique Books Of Power, which grant special perks.
  • Skill Books, which grant experience in a skill.
  • Book Of Stars, which grants experience in all skills.
  • Moss, a new resource type which grows on old trees.
  • Mixed Flower Seeds.
  • Sonar Bobber, which shows the fish on your line before you catch it.
  • Raisins, which have a special use.
  • Sea Jelly, River Jelly, and Cave Jelly, a new item that you can fish.
  • 7 Trinkets, which grant powers related to combat.
  • Red, Purple, and Green fireworks.
  • Stardrop Tea, which makes an excellent gift for anyone.
  • 25 new hats.
  • 280 new furnitures.
  • New unique furniture catalogues, which contain themed furniture sets.
  • 41 new floor styles.
  • 24 new wallpaper styles.
  • Golden Animal Crackers.
  • Mannequins, which can be dressed.
  • Spouse Portraits which can be purchased after reaching 14 hearts.
  • Butterfly Powder, which allows you to remove pets…
  • Blue Grass Starter.
  • Moss Soup.
  • Secret items

So yeah, a massive update, all told, and the list above is barely half of what’s been added on the changelog page. And given how great the Switch version (and other console versions are), it’s terrific to hear that all that content is coming to console and mobile as well.

Stardew Valley is out now for PC, consoles, and mobile devices.