Capes released today for PC and consoles

by on May 29, 2024

Daedalic Entertainment and developer Spitfire Interactive has confirmed that Capes is available today for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

In the UK the game will be available from 6pm today (May 29th), but it’ll be 1pm in New York (10am in LA). It’s the debut title from developer Spitfire Interactive, but it’s a studio comprised of previous members of the indie studio Defiant Development, and has a story written by Morgan Jaffit, who also worked on Hand of Fate, and Freedom Force.

You can check out the official launch trailer, below:


Capes is an action-focused, turn-based superhero strategy game. Players can level up their heroes in numerous handcrafted story missions, combine their powers for unique team-up attacks, and change the tide of battles with devastating ultimate powers. Unlike other turn-based strategy games, Capes strategy and combat isn’t based around luck, random hit-chance, or lurking behind cover. After all, hiding, ducking for cover, and missing hits would feel rather un-superhero like.

Capes Creative Director Cade Franklin says: “Capes takes flight today! We’re beyond excited to release Capes on PC and consoles, bringing a fresh and thrilling superhero tactical experience to players on all platforms. Prepare for an adventure where your tactical prowess and heroism will shape the fate of the city. The journey starts now – dive into Capes and become the hero you were meant to be!”

In our review, Chris White said the game is: “is an enjoyable turn-based strategy title that makes some of the battles you have incredibly tense. You always have plenty of options when it comes to attacking your enemy and protecting your party, and there are some interesting variables that pop up from time to time that keep things fresh for the duration of the story. I love how Spitfire has managed to take its characters and make them feel different to the wealth already existing in the entertainment medium, and I would love to see more from this developer over the years because Capes often hits all the right spots.”

Capes is out now for PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch.