Harvest Hunt is available now on Steam

by on May 22, 2024

Villainous Studios and Neonhive Games have today released Harvest Hunt, their survival horror strategy game, on Steam. It features lore-driven horror and tactical gameplay to mix up the horror genre, and from what’s on the Steam page, it looks pretty cool.

You have been chosen. As darkness falls over the cursed village of Luna Nova, you will embrace the role of the Warden, tasked with protecting the village from the malevolent forces threatening the survival of the few remaining villagers. Condemned to survive on Ambrosia, it is up to you to gather the harvest or starve. But beware, the Devourer stalks your every footstep.

“We are over the moon to finally be able to invite players to the farmlands of Luna Nova and don the mask of the Warden,” said Mark Drew of Villainous Games Studios. ​ “This has been a labour of love from the team at Villainous Games Studio and we look forward to watching people play and hearing their feedback.”

For those wanting to give it a go, there’s currently a 15% launch discount on Steam, making it a reasonable £14.99. In Harvest Hunt, players will have to craft their arsenal using a mystic card deck surrounding the mysterious Luna Nova curse while facing off against various horrors. Every decision players make will impact their survival in the village, which aims to make every playthrough unique via a heart-pounding experience along the way.

Hear are some of the key features in Harvest Hunt:

  • Strategic Roguelike Gameplay: A first-person horror imbued with a deck of eccentric abilities to suit your playstyle and outwit the horrors
  • Rich Lore: Discover secrets that shift with every season, unlocking the lore that governs Luna Nova and its people..
  • Stunning Artwork: Immerse yourself in a beautifully haunting visual style, inspired by European folklore.