Lorelei and the Laser Eyes | All Shortcut solutions

by on May 16, 2024

Throughout playing Lorelei and the Laser Eyes by Simogo Games, you will come across numerous shortcuts that you can unlock which will speed up your traversal around the hotel and surrounding area. As such it’s highly recommended that you unlock these shortcuts to help you get around. Unfortunately this requires solving quite a few puzzles. Thankfully, here at God is a Geek, we have you covered, so here are all of the Shortcut solutions in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.

What are the puzzles?

Before you go about unlocking the Shortcuts, you’ll first need to know the puzzles that you’ll be solving to crack the codes on each one. To do this you first want to head to the Library, First Floor room and investigate the Books about numbers on the table on the left (see above image).

This will give you a series of books to read through, and the one you need to inspect is “S.C. Bolt’s Number Puzzles Volume 1”. This will cause the whole book to be added to your Photographic Memory, which you will need. It stores all 20 puzzles in it, and each one corresponds to a numbered Shortcut.

Each Shortcut lock requires a number from 0-99 to unlock, and it is obtained by solving the associated puzzle and then entering it into the combination for that Shortcut lock.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes | All Shortcut solutions

Armed with the puzzle information, now you just need to solve the puzzles when you encounter a Shortcut door. We’ve listed the Shortcuts in numerical order below, so you can find the one you need, and the associated answer:

Shortcut 1

Answer: 74

Solution: The grey lines with the black create digital clock numbers, the only number that can be created with those two horizontal lines on the third image is 74 on a digital clock, so that is the answer.

Shortcut 2

Answer: 60

Solution: The puzzle is a list strobogrammatic numbers. This means they must read the same when they are rotated and read upside down. Therefore the only number that works in the gap to keep the number strbogrammatic is 60.

Shortcut 3

Answer: 44

Solution: Each number represents the number of dots in each word. This can be ellipses, dots on an “i” or even counting umlauts. There are four in each of our puzzle words so that makes the answer 44.

Shortcut 4

Answer: 60

Solution: If North is 0, and South is 30, it is referring to minutes on a clock. So West + East = 45 + 15 = 60.

Shortcut 5

Answer: 24

Solution: If half the coins are in the left hand and half of what’s left (i.e. a quarter) is in the right hand, that must mean the remainder (another quarter) is in the hat. We are told 6 coins are in the hat. This means 6 more in the right hand and 12 more in the left hand. This gives a total of 24 coins.

Shortcut 6

Answer: 81

Solution: Here each black (not grey) letter has a value, written first letter, last letter to form a number. So R,E = 185, L,O is 1215, and L,I is 129. From that we can ascertain L is definitely 12. Therefore O must be 15. Given we know R,O is a four digit number, R must be 18. Therefore R,O is 1815. As such the blank area is 81

Shortcut 7

Answer: 67

Solution: The first digit is the number of corners on the outer shaper (6), The second digit is the number of corners on the inner shape (7), so 67.

Shortcut 8

Answer: 30

Solution: Numbers represent minutes on a clock. The vertical line would point to 0 and 30 on a clock, which added together make 30.

Shortcut 9

Answer: 42

Solution: After trying various routes, the one with the fewest turns has 42 turns.

Shortcut 10

Answer: 90

Solution: L and V are actually angles, a right angle, and half a right angle respectively. So V = 45 (degrees) and L = 90

Shortcut 11

Answer: 90

Solution: Each door adds an extra 45 degrees. North is 0, NE is 45, so East must be 90.

Shortcut 12

Answer: 25

Solution: The number is a list of square numbers, the missing one is 5 x 5 = 25.

Shortcut 13

Answer: 78

Solution: We need to find Y – X. Every shape contains numbers adding up to 100. Y is on its own and so is 100. X shares a shape with 4, 8, 16, 18, and 32, which equals 78. So X is 22 (100-78). Therefore Y – X = 100 – 22 = 78

Shortcut 14

Answer: 8

Solution: Using the visuals, and remembering opposites on a die add up to 7, we can deduce X = 2, Y = 1, and Z = 5. So X + Y + Z = 8.

Shortcut 15

Answer: TBC

Solution: TBC

Shortcut 16

Answer: 3

Solution: The only number visible and the correct way up in the image is the number 3.

Shortcut 17

Answer: 7

Solution: 210 degrees after 0 in time. 30 degrees per hour on a clock, so 210 is 7 o’clock.

Shortcut 18

Answer: 18

Solution: Read the question carefully, this puzzle is called “Puzzle ?” And the question is “Which number is hidden behind the question mark?” So the answer is 18.

Shortcut 19

Answer: 42

Solution: Numbers on grid double each time, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192. This means that Diamond is 2, Square is 4. So the sum is 442 – 424 +24 = 42

Shortcut 20

Answer: 64

Solution: Basically, each number in the shape starts out as 88 as written on a digital clock. The shape around the number is irrelevant. A black triangle takes off the top (or bottom) line of the second number and the top (or bottom) right-hand vertical line of the first number. A circle takes off the top (or bottom) horizontal line and left vertical line of the second number.

In our puzzle we have a top triangle, meaning an erasing of the top right-hand vertical line of the first number and top horizontal line of the second number. We also have a bottom circle meaning an erasing of the bottom left-hand vertical line and the bottom horizontal line of the second number.

Writing the remaining lines gives us the shape of 64 on a digital clock.

And there you have it, all the Shortcut solutions for Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.