New Remnant 2 balance patch released, affects Invoker and other archetypes

by on May 10, 2024

Gunfire Games has released a new patch update for Remnant 2 which makes a fair few changes to a lot of the archetypes in the game, including the newly released Invoker from the second DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom.

Announced via the patch notes on the official blog, the Invoker is already getting many changes, which you can see below:

  • Way of Kauela: Haste applied by other sources will no longer be removed when Kauela ends.
  • Way of Kauela: Fixed an issue where Drenched Sound loop would remain after a kill.
  • Way of Kaeula: Fixed an issue causing Tidal Wave to skip cooldown and multiple times.
  • Way of Kauela: Fixed an issue that caused recasts to refresh the Lighting Cooldown.

The team says that “The Lighting Blasts from Way of Kauela are on a timer, and recasting would cause this timer to be refreshed. They are now on an independent timer so that recasting will allow the Lighting to strike when it originally should have.” On and this update also changes it so that the lore and description of the Invoker engram now shows when in Wallace’s inventory.

But that’s not all, there are more changes to the Invoker:

  • Way of Meidra: Drenched no longer reverts to base damage upon Archeytpe swap.
  • Way of Meidra: Should now consistently heal friendly Companions & Summons.
  • Way of Meidra: Fixed an issue allowing Way of Meidra to heal bosses.

Onto another of the Invoker skills, then:

  • Way of Lydusa: Increased Critical Bonus Chance from 5% to 10%.
  • Way of Lydusa: Added Elemental Damage type for AOE Blasts.
  • Way of Lydusa: Now scales with Amplitude.
  • Way of Lydusa: Skill Cooldown bar behaves properly when using “reactivation” effect.
  • Way of Lydusa: Enabled Sand Devils generation from Skill/Status Damage.


Regarding this, Gunfire Games says: “While all damage is currently allowed to generate Sand Devils, we are keeping an eye on on. This is because it ends up allowing an infinite cycle of Sand Devils > Detonate when Mod or Status damage continues to apply. The original design was that Brittle was caused by Ranged and Melee Damage, and Sand Devils would also only be created by those damage types as well. We will see how this plays out and may eventually limit it to only those damage types.”

While you can check the full notes on the blog, the Ritualist has also been buffed, since the team wanted it to be able to be used as a secondary archetype more effectively. Gunslinger has also been tweaked (Reduced the Reload Time Decrement from 10s to 6s), which the team says “allows for a few more Swap Reloads with Sidewinder at the base duration of 60s. Previously, 7 were possible. With this update, 11 are possible. Of course, it still benefits from Duration Increases as well.”.

We’ve also got changes to ranged weapons, as follows:

  • Trinity: Increased Base Damage from 42 to 44 per bolt (126 to 132 per Shot).
  • Thorn (Blowback): Added Mod Damage Scaling to Blowback Explosions.
  • C.Aphelion: – Fixed an issue that caused the weapon to propel players across map.
  • C.Sorrow: Fixed an issue preventing Heals from applying to Companions & Summons.
  • Monolith: Added Elemental Damage Type to Primary Fire (Ranged + Elemental)
  • Monolith: Fixed an issue causing Primary Fire to sometimes pass through parts of enemies.
  • Monolith (Sandstorm): Fixed issue preventing Mod Use when no Ammo was present.
  • Monolith (Sandstorm): Enabled Duration to scale with Mod Duration Bonuses.
  • Monolith (Sandstorm): Now properly scales with Mod + Elemental Damage Bonuses.
  • Monolith (Sandstorm): Fixed an issue preventing proper damage calculation.
  • Plasma Cutter: Fixed an issue that caused certain VFX particles to drift.
  • Polygun: Fixed an issue showing incorrect values when upgrading.

All in all it’s a massive balance update for Remnant 2, and this is just scratching the surface. Mods, mutators, melee weapons, and even trinkets have been tweaked, as well as relics, and some enemy fixes.

Remnant 2 is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.