Taskmaster VR release date confirmed

by on May 20, 2024

Scallywag Arcade has finally confirmed the long awaited Taskmaster VR release date, and it’s very soon. In fact, it’s June 13th to be specific, with pre-orders available now on both Meta Quest store and on SteamVR.

Including a single player mode, the game also includes a creative mode which will let you create your own tasks. The team says that “An extensive array of tools and toys makes task creation and experimentation easy, with hundreds of in-game items that can be picked up, piled up or used in just about any other way the player wants. The creatively minded can build custom tasks and surreal scenarios, or explore the Taskmaster House and its many nooks and crannies.” The developer adds that “Players can then challenge friends and family to complete their fiendish tasks in local play.”


Taskmaster VR is designed for Meta Quest and SteamVR with creative consultation and voice acting from Alex Horne, the show’s mastermind and star, and Greg Davies, the towering host and titular Taskmaster. The virtual reality game is being developed by Scallywag Arcade, a Draw & Code studio, in partnership with Avalon, the award-winning production company behind the international hit, BAFTA and National Comedy Award-winning TV series.

Alex Horne, the show’s creator, and Taskmaster’s Assistant said: “In real life, I’m not allowed to be a Taskmaster contestant or look into the Taskmaster’s eyes without his permission, but thanks to Taskmaster VR I can fulfil very nearly all of my Taskmaster fantasies. I strongly urge anyone with similar ambitions to get the game immediately.”

Greg Davies, the Taskmaster, said: “It goes without saying that a computer-generated Alex is, much like his human counterpart, a constant irritant. I thought that the virtual version of me may turn out to be more zen but, if anything, he is less tolerant. If being judged by a man who is so angry he doesn’t exist is your thing, then this is the game for you.”

Speaking about the Taskmaster VR release date ,John Keefe, Co-Founder of Scallywag Arcade, said: “Opening up pre-orders for Taskmaster VR Taskmaster VR is the culmination of a lot of love and hard work from the Taskmaster team and our studio. We think the show translates brilliantly into VR; it’s the ideal medium for conveying the chaos and creativity of Taskmaster, we can’t wait for fans and players to step inside this world with us.”

So there you have it, the Taskmaster VR release date is June 13th for Meta Quest and Steam VR.