V Rising gets PS5 release date, coming next month

by on May 20, 2024

Stunlock Games has today revealed that its open-world fantasy survival action-RPG V Rising has a PS5 release date of June 11. The release follows the PC 1.0 launch via Steam on May 8 that was given a positive response by players. To get players excited, pre-orders are now open ahead of the PS5 release date for V Rising.

PlayStation 5 owners can finally sink their teeth into V Rising in its final form. Step into the shoes of a newly awakened vampire, construct your gothic castle, and explore an open world teeming with danger with seven regions to explore and 57 bosses to best. Hunt for blood alone or unite with a clan, battling alongside fellow vampires online. Rise in power and face the ancient tyrant Dracula himself in a showdown of epic proportions to rule the night.

Console players will be able to experience the exciting collaboration with Konami as part of the Legacy of Castlevania event where they will have to challenge Simon Belmont for a chance to unlock the whip weapon. While the event is free, the opportunity to unlock the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack cosmetic DLC will come behind a cost of 19.99 EUR/USD. The pack allows players to build their own castles inspired by the legendary Castlevania gothic aesthetic.

Some of the features for V Rising include:
  • Engage in visceral Action-RPG combat
  • Survival crafting gameplay: build your castle and forge your arsenal
  • Hunt for blood and slip between the shadows, or risk getting burned by the sun
  • A dark fantasy world filled with terrifying creatures from man to beast and beyond
  • Slay 50+ powerful bosses to absorb their knowledge and power
  • Choose your style of play! 11 weapon types and 50+ spells
  • Dress to kill! Swap your armor appearance and choose from a wide variety of color options
  • Face the ultimate Vampire Rival and slay Dracula himself to claim your place

Pre-orders for the Standard Edition will cost 39.99 EUR/USD (with a 10% PlayStation Plus discount), while V Rising with the Castlevania content comes in at 59.99 EUR/USD with the PlayStation Plus discount as well, and five-day early access to the game on June 6. Finally, the Complete Edition will cost 99.99 EUR/USD includes every cosmetic pack currently available for the game (Eldest Bloodlines Pack, the Dracula’s Relics Pack, the Sinister Evolution Pack, and the Legacy of Castlevania Pack) and five-day early access, as well as the 10% discount.

You can watch the V Rising PS5 release date trailer below: