Foundry devs share update in latest blog post

by on May 20, 2024

Channel 3 has shared some information of what players can look forward to during the Early Access period for Foundry in its latest blog post. Along with sharing how they’ve released a couple of hot fixes so far, the developers plan to release a quality of life patch in the future, as well as focusing on the first content update.

Before we look into the future, let us look at how we’ve been spending the past two weeks:Fixing issues you encountered. So far we have already released two hotfix patches addressing the most critical issues and there are more patches on the way for less critical (non-game-breaking) issues. Polishing and working on requested improvements. We have put together our first quality of life patch that addresses the most requested features in terms of polishing and usability. This patch is not yet released, but currently available on the testing branch, more information below.

The upcoming weeks and months we are going to focus on the first content update. We already made some progress on a few new features, but it is still too early to reveal what we’re working on for the first update. In addition to new content we will also look at which parts of the existing content need further development or adjustments. There is no release date yet, but at the moment our plan is to release two more content updates this year.

A lot of the folks at God is a Geek have spent plenty of time playing Foundry, and after reading the blog post you should check out our Early Access review. In it, we said “there’s little story, no real universe-building, and no sense of urgency or failure. But Channel 3 have something special on their hands here, especially with the inclusion of a multiplayer mode that allows players to work together to create the ultimate self-sufficient factory. Foundry in early access feels somewhat similar to Lightyear Frontier, but is arguably more engaging, and certainly mechanically broader. And as more and more items are added and refined through early access, it’ll only get better from here.”