Cassette Beasts introduces multiplayer mode

by on May 20, 2024

Today, Raw Fury has introduced a new multiplayer mode and in-game event to its creature collecting RPG Cassette Beasts. All of the new content is available via crossplay on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. While the multiplayer sounds cool, the in-game event focuses on a collaboration with Moonstone Island.

The multiplayer update in Cassette Beasts allows players and up to eight friends the chance to party and explore the world once matched after getting an invite mode. Players will be able to challenge their friends in PvP battles while assigning custom rules including the ability to enable sticker tributes. There will also be the option to team up for 2-player co-op raids against Rogue Fusions, and to trade tapes with each other too.

As for the in-game collaboration event with Moonstone Island, it will begin tomorrow. New content will be coming to both games, with Cassette Beasts getting Moonstone Island-themed costumes, and Moonstone Island getting Cassette Beasts’ Pombomb added to the Spirit roster.

We absolutely loved Cassette Beasts when it came out last year, and in our review we said, “Cassette Beasts is easily the best monster collecting game I’ve ever played, with fantastic combat, wonderful monster designs and a whole lot of exploring to experience. Other than the issues I experienced with the current version of the game on the Steam Deck, I have no complaints with Cassette Beasts whatsoever. If you’ve ever had any enjoyment playing a Pokémon game before, you owe it to yourself to grab your tape deck and try the pinnacle of this genre as soon as possible.”

You can check out the Cassette Beasts multiplayer trailer below: