Go-Go Town! 10 Tips to get you started

by on June 9, 2024

Go-Go Town! is a lovely, charming town-builder that’s easy to while away the hours in, but you may also be looking for some tips to help you get started on your journey. Here at God is a Geek, we’ve compiled 10 of our top starter tips for Go-Go Town! to set you off on the right path.

Go-Go Town! 10 Tips to get you started

1. Use your widget

The first thing to do is to get organised with your screen and the widget tool on your phone is a really simple way to do that. You can use it to pin various bits of information to the screen and customise it to your preferences. Having the map, your currency balances and the time of day not only on screen but where you want them to be too is really handy from the start of the game.

2. Keep an eye on your balances

Wherever you have put them based in your widget, you should definitely be paying attention to your balances. The blue currency is your Ego and you use this to buy tier upgrades and unlock new buildings and other facilities for your town. The other currency is your gold coins. You actually use these to buy any of the things you have unlocked but haven’t yet put in your town. Both of these currencies will increase over time and have a maximum amount you can hold depending on your tier. Always make sure you are spending it on expanding your town as if a currency is at maximum, it’s being unspent and wasted.

3. Familiarise yourself with the Map

As this is a new experience, you’ll definitely want to familiarise yourself with where everything is. Open up the map and get your bearings. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the map, know where the mines, forest, and other areas are in relation to your town centre. That way, when you need to get to places quickly, you instinctively know where they are, which will save you a bunch of time.

4. Don’t just run around

Once you know where you’re going, try and make use of the different modes of transport (red dots on your map) to get around quicker. Use bikes and skateboards to get across all terrains quicker. Alternatively, turn to the trucks if you have lots of goods to transport, but make sure you have a road network to drive on between where you want to go or you’ll need to park up and go on foot.

5. Recruit Townies whenever possible

Two types of people will visit your town. Tourists will come and spend money in your town and (hopefully) have a good day. Townies will arrive looking to move in. Speaking to Townies will reveal their unique criteria to recruit them. You should always look to fulfill this and invite them to join. More Townies means more people to help you out, and grow your town further. Remember, despite their being no restrictions on recruiting Townies, if you want them to do a job for you, you will need to give them a places to live so don’t forget to assign them a house.

6. Use Storage

As you progress through the tiers, you can use your Ego to unlock different storage containers. These are incredibly useful for placing resources in until you need to use them. It is highly advised to place storage containers in the main resource areas (mines, forest etc) so that you can place resources easily as you acquire them. Also if you assign Townies to this area they can keep working as long as there is space in their local storage to keep placing items that they find, so make sure you build as many as you can and place them all down.

7. Get Couriers ASAP

One of the most useful workers in the game is the Courier. Now, despite getting mentioned in various tips quite early in the game, you don’t actually unlock the Courier Building until tier 3. Once you can unlock it with your Ego, you absolutely should buy the Courier Station and assign a Townie there. Now this Townie will drive around your town picking up items from storage and taking them to where they are needed. Whether this is for shops or if you have placed a new building down to be built that needs specific materials. It takes a lot of the running away from you, so you can focus on juggling other facets of your town’s expansion. Also note in Tier 5 you can unlock additional workers to shops. Adding an additional Courier is highly recommended first to further speed up your deliveries around your town.

8. Keep your town tidy

As tourists visit your town they will hopefully have a great time and spend a lot of money at your various shops. The one downside to this is that they will invariably make a mess. Place bins down for them to deposit their rubbish and make sure they are emptied. Unlock the Basic Service package as soon as possible and build the Garbage Disposal to give you a place to deposit the rubbish. Once you can, in tier 2, unlock the Garbage Collection Service and assign a worker to it to automate keeping your town pretty. This worker will also use the Bubble Gun to clean up any messes that appear around town. Again when you unlock additional workers, assign one here to keep your town super clean. Your tourists will be much happier and you’ll leap up the rankings.

9. Terraform from the start

Unlike, say, Animal Crossing, Go-Go Town! lets you terraform from the start, and you can assign any square of land as either dirt, grass, path, road, or road crossing. So start designing your town from the start to shape it how you want it. Be sure the road network is connected and provide pavements for tourists to walk on. They will only cross roads with crossings though so don’t forget these so your tourists can visit all the corners of your town. You can overwrite water with land if you’re struggling with land space to put buildings. Whilst it’s not initially a terraforming option, you do unlock water as an option later so you make some nice water areas or undo places where you have accidentally filled in land. So don’t worry, get creative and make the town of your dreams.

10. Look out for special days

One final thing to be aware of are special days that seem to arrive periodically as you play. You may notice on a certain day that cherry blossoms are blowing around creating leaf piles. Be sure to clear them up to get bonus unique items to place in your town. There’s also another day where coins appear all over your town on the ground giving you free money. Keep an eye out for these days and make the most of the free bonuses they provide.