Tails of Iron 2 and Beyond Galaxyland demos playable at Steam Next Fest

by on June 10, 2024

United Label has announced that Tails of Iron 2 and Beyond Galaxyland will have playable demos as part of Steam Next Fest. The event starts today and runs until June 17, and in that time players are invited to try out to small yet ambitious titles, both very different but equally exciting. We have been fortunate recently to get a chance to play both games, and whether you want some soulslike action with Tails of Iron 2 or a space opera of epic proportions in Beyond Galaxyland, you can check them both out now.

Of Tails of Iron 2, we said “Although the demo was short, I loved every second of it. Hearing Doug Cockle narrate never gets old, thanks to his deep and raspy voice that does a great job of highlighting the threat and fear that the new enemy has brought to the story. The world is absolutely beautiful, and the combat offers a tough challenge with deep reward for learning and adapting. Tails of Iron 2 looks to improve on the original in every way, and from what I have seen from the preview, it’s done so in every element I’ve experienced so far.”

Beyond Galaxyland left a big impression on us, and we said “Beyond Galaxyland could easily be a Game of the Year contender if it follows through on its promise from the trailer, and with the combat I experienced, it takes all the best things from the likes of Seas of Stars and Octopath Traveller 2, with some wonderful characters and punchy dialogue, it merges the best of 80s science fiction with the likes of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf. Roll on release date, because I am so excited to play more of this.”