Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver universe set to return in graphic novel

by on July 11, 2024

The Legacy of Kain series, and Soul Reaver in particular, is something of a gaming touchstone. One of the pioneers of 3rd person exploration and adventure games, Soul Reaver’s heady mix of fast action, dual-world progression and staggeringly impressive script and voice work made it an enduring classic still celebrated today, almost 25 years after its initial release on PlayStation.

In honour of its anniversary, Crystal Dynamics have announced a brand new graphic novel focusing on protagonist Raziel before his death and resurrection as one of Kain’s vampire Lieutenants. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – The Dead Shall Rise introduces new characters, including an enigmatic vampire with links to both Raziel and Kain. Coming toi Kickstarter later in the year, it’s the first addition to the Soul Reaver universe since Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

Led by veteran writers Joshua Viola (True Detective), and Angie Hodapp (Shadow Atlas), and featuring art from Juan Samu, letters by Jeremiah Lambert, and a covers by Dave Rapoza (Destiny, Magic: The Gathering) and Aaron Lovett (Inkbound), Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – The Dead Shall Rise is being co-developed alongside Crystal Dynamics, and will feature elements of the Soul Reaver lore that fans have never seen.

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“It was important to Josh and me to find, after twenty years, the right place and time to re-enter this world,” explains Hodapp. “We wanted to find new stories about these characters that felt organic to the original canon — stories that would excite long-time fans of the games with plenty of familiar elements, while also inviting new fans to join in. With that in mind, and with the directive from Crystal Dynamics to introduce new characters while keeping our story lens tight on the known cast, Josh and I explored Raziel’s past…specifically, his human past and the genesis of his wings in the days before Kain cast him into the Abyss.”

Fans have long felt that there were more tales to tell within the Legacy of Kain universe, with major story elements such as the Sarafan crusade never being fully explored. “Raziel’s story spans centuries, offering rich material to explore,” says Joshua Viola. “Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – The Dead Shall Rise not only fills in the gaps but fleshes out his character in surprising ways, revealing what shaped him into the Raziel we know and love. We have lots of surprises in store beyond the graphic novel that will blow fans’ minds.”

Those who sign up on the BackerKit prelaunch page will receive an email alert when the book launches, and will receive a free digital image from Crystal Dynamics’ officially-approved Soul Reaver archives.