Monster Hunter Rise | How to beat Arzuros


Arzuros is a towering, bear-like monster first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. He’s not the quickest of cats, doesn’t really have any special attacks, and looks like all he really wants is a big jar of honey. Of course, he will kick off if you get too close for comfort.

This big old brute is an easy enough fight with any weapon. Something of a punching bag like Great Jagras was in Monster Hunter World, Arzuros is slow and lumbering – though he can do some damage if his heavy attacks connect.

The trick to taking him out quickly is to get in and out without staying within reach of his huge paws for too long. Get in, do some damage and get out. Ranged hunters will have the easiest time here, though, since he has no ranged attacks and his charge is very easy to spot and avoid.

Perhaps the only attack that took me by surprise was his butt-rush, whereupon he will literally charge backwards, butt-first, and crush you where you stand. Again, it’s fairly easy to avoid but will do a lot of damage if it connects. It’s easiest just to harry him, chipping away until he drops.

If you can get the mount though, it’s worth remembering that Arzuros does solid damage to other monsters, so using him to hurt or shoo-off an interfering wyvern is an ideal strategy.