EarFun Free wireless earphones review

by on June 24, 2020

Working at a busy cluttered desk for several years has bred in me a deep, seething hatred for wires. I would take at least four of the ten plagues of Egypt over wires, let’s put it that way. The hatred has spread away from the desk, too, until even the little thin wire dangling from my earphones irritates me like nails down a chalkboard.

The problem is that swapping out wired for wireless earphones is not cheap, not usually. Wireless buds are still a fairly new craze and they can be a pricey buy. Luckily for us, the EarFun Free – while not actually free – offer a more palatable alternative.

For around £50, depending on retailer, they provide a comfortable, durable option for those who don’t want to spend too much on their earphones. They are small, sleek, and black (or white) , come in a stylish case reminiscent of a pillbox with a tiny LED display that lights up when they’re charging, and, crucially, they sound very good. They also have a decent Bluetooth range, updated with 5.0, which means if you’re working out at home or even listening in an office and you can’t carry the linked device around, they’ll remain effective.

EarFun Free wireless buds

The carry box will either charge the buds directly using a USB-3 connection or will store energy to recharge them on the go, which is super useful for busy days. The buds themselves are pretty chunky though, and while they do look aesthetically pleasing and fit my jug ears comfortably, those with smaller ears than me might find them to be a little cumbersome. They’re also quite heavy, so while they are gym-friendly, excessive movement can shake them loose. A variety of tips can alleviate this, but it’s definitely worth bearing in mind.

The sound quality is decent, though with few bells or whistles attached. Volume and track number are raised or lowered by clicking buttons on the buds themselves which is fine, but an accidental third click when raising volume can result in a pause or skip, which is annoying. I do like the sleek little carry case though, which lights up when charging via USB or recharging the buds themselves. You can also charge it wirelessly with certain pads, though not all.

Because the EarFun Free wireless earphones retail at such a comparatively low price you’d almost be forgiven for expecting a lower quality product, but I’ve been using them for a while now while working out or simply working and the quality and performance is on point. They could be a little lighter, but that’s the only real complaint I have. Affordable and, crucially, well-made.

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