Intelli 3-in-1 Wireless Charger review

by on March 22, 2022

These days, we all have a lot of technology on us at all times. At any given moment you might have a phone in one hand, a smartwatch on the other, and a pair of wireless headphones in the pocket. The conundrum becomes how you charge all of this at the end of a working day, and Intelli has come up with a solution.

The Intelli 3-in-1 Wireless Charger does require you to have a lot of the modern Apple products, so if you’re rocking an older iPhone (or, I believe, older AirPods) this may not be for you. However, this discreet charger can wirelessly charge all three devices at once, and grows in stature depending on how many things you’re charging at the time.

If you just want to charge your phone, honestly, I’d say stick to a cable, or whatever solution you already have. As a phone charger it’s fine, and works in tandem with the magnetised back of the iPhone. The phone sticks well to the charger, and is a little fiddly to remove at times, but I’d rather that than it falling off in the night and waking anyone up.

One thing I noticed is that it’s not compatible with every other magnetic case out there. I use an XVIDA solution in my office, which asks you to put a case on it that matches the wireless charging station, and I find the magnetics here pretty spot on. To charge my phone overnight I have to remove the XVIDA case, which isn’t a huge issue, but just be aware that if you’re particularly attached to your case, it may or may not play nicely with the Intelli.

The included instructions say that only iPhone 12 phones with MagSafe wireless charging are supported, otherwise you’ll need a MagSafe case to charge via this method, so it’s possible this might solve your solution, but I couldn’t test otherwise.

One issue I did have is that for some reason, it sometimes wouldn’t charge my Apple Watch fully. I was told by Intelli that this can be an issue when the Apple Watch charging puck is at an angle, and that placing or removing a phone can be enough to nudge it out of position. Neither seemed to solve the issue, and while it did charge it somewhat, it would never get close to a full charge. It’s frustrating, but I can only put it down to my bad luck, or a larger issue that’ll need testing on a larger scale. One way or another, devices like these should be set and forget, and the end-user shouldn’t really be required to fiddle with angles to get a proper charge.

AirPods however, charge flawlessly, as did my iPhone. To charge either Watch or AirPods you just need to push either the left or right side compartment and it’ll pop out to create a space for your device. The subtle design makes it desirable, and it’s as big as it needs to be, and no more, which is a boon, also.

For $29.99 though, this is a fine purchase. My concern with the Watch charging aside, I would stop sure of a full recommendation, but it’s an otherwise inoffensively sized unit that pretty much achieves what it sets out to do.