MLB The Show 24 review

by on March 22, 2024
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March 19, 2024


With the various modes in MLB The Show 24, there are plenty of options to enjoy Major League Baseball, but the act of participating in a game is the best the series has ever been. You have such a good handle on every facet of play that batting, pitching, and fielding all comes with a wealth of freedom and a chance to control every important moment that may arise. It feels incredible, and when you’ve got new features like Impact Plays spicing up the defensive side of proceedings, well, there’s very little I don’t enjoy about San Diego Studio’s latest.

Every aspect of play gives you plenty of opportunities to tailor you experience, and a tutorial that slows things down and aids new players into the game. Once you’ve chosen how streamlined or complex you want it to be, getting into a fixture is where the fun begins. Battling feels responsive and precise. Swinging at the right moment allows you to strike the ball with pinpoint precision and power, and can lead to some explosive moments when on the offence. Like a touchdown or 3-pointer, a home run is the most fulfilling play you can make, and when you achieve one in MLB The Show 24, it always feels earned.

Pitching comes with a range of options in how you attempt to get the opposition to strike out, and while it can be tough to achieve this, the range of options to make this process easier helps players who might not be strongest here succeed. Perhaps the biggest improvement to the gameplay in MLB The Show 24 is in the outfield. Jumping to grab the ball feels great, as done the button prompt scenario in passing the ball to one of the bases. Impact Plays provide another layer of excitement, as time slows down and the adrenaline kicks in as you need to hit the right button at exactly the right time to make important defensive plays.

While the thought of QTEs in a sports title might seem odd and potentially put people off, they’re implemented superbly, giving credence to its gameplay and allowing for some game-changing moments. They also looks great, and adds to the overall presentation of MLB The Show 24, which looks fantastic, both during games and in the cooler modes like its Storylines. The Negro Leagues return for Season 2, and acts as a reminder just how influential some of these players were. You’re tasked with completing certain objectives of incredible players like Josh Gibson and Toni Stone.

These stories are narrated by Museum President Bob Kendrick, and while some of the objectives are fairly similar, the excitement and presentation of each story acts as an important history lesson. The second story focuses on New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, with the shortstop talking about some of his most iconic moments. For those that love baseball, it’s impossible to ignore his impact on the game, and once more the presentation of all of these great moments is done in style. Whether you’re a long-time baseball fan or more of a casual one, the thrill of Jeter’s career is infectious and it’s hard not to find some kind of enjoyment in watching it unfold.

Perhaps my favourite mode in MLB The Show 24 is Road to the Show. While it lacks in interesting story beats, opting for a run-of-the-mill rookie to pro path for your created player, there’s a great sense of progression as you go from an undrafted prospect to superstar slugger. The Draft Combine is a new feature at the start of your career, allowing you to participate in an event where scouts watch your performance, and if you do well, the chances of getting picked by a bigger team is more likely. Between big games you’ll be able to customise your character and upgrade their abilities and skills, and while some of the cutscenes are a little dull, you can shape the kind of personality you have with the responses you give to your agent and coaches.

The inclusion of women into MLB The Show 24 is finally here, and you can take a female created character through Road to the Show as well. There’s also the previously mentioned Toni Stone appearing in Storylines, which is equally fascinating, given the same attention and care as her male peers. While Storylines and Road to the Show feel like standouts in the game, Diamond Dynasty, the Ultimate Team-style game feels pretty similar, but the emphasis on seasons this year isn’t going to be felt until we start to see how it plays out throughout the year. Franchise mode is another returning feature that also feels unchanged, but for those that want to take their favourite team towards victory, the option is there.

MLB The Show 24 is the best the series has been, and has a ton of modes for every kind of fan. Storylines acts as a lover letter to the sport and allows players to relive key moments in its history. Road to the Show is another strong mode where your created character grows into an all-star player through your performances, and while it’s not particularly exciting off-field, the improved defensive gameplay makes games feel exciting and fresh, specifically the Impact Plays. If you’re new to the series, this is the perfect place to the start, and if you’re returning from last year, it offers a more refined and bombastic experience players are sure to love.


Storylines are fantastic
Impact Plays improve the defensive game
Gameplay is fluid and responsive
Women are now included


Road to the Show's off-field is pretty dull
Some modes remain relatively unchanged

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In Short

MLB The Show 24 is a wonderfully curated sports sim that has made some great improvements to the defensive game. The Storylines are great fun, and Road to the Show is another great way to experience the ball game.