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by on March 22, 2024
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February 22, 2024


Solium Infernum is one of the most complex and satisfying digital board games I’ve ever played. Everything you do hinges on political decisions and out-manoeuvring your enemies with no wasted time on resource management and intricate military restructuring. League of Geeks has put plenty of effort into how you can break the opposition through the power of the mind and not the size of the weapon you wield. Building a web of deceit and breaking your enemies comes from the kind of ruler you want to be, but the most satisfying thing about it is just how you reach the throne of Pandemonium.

After the Lord of darkness abandons hell, those left behind battle it out to become its new ruler, and that includes you. How you do this boils down on the best ways to deceive and lie, outsmart, and outclass your opponents though intelligence and a battle of minds. Depending on which Archfiend you choose to become, much of Solium Infernum is about gaining Prestige through various means, such as going to war with an enemy and succeeding by capturing enemy territory. Confidence is important as you need to believe that whatever decision you make when wagering Prestige, you need to be able to pull it off in a set number of turns.

When you do go to war with the opposition, it isn’t about destroying their armies and forcing them to give up. Prestige is a valuable commodity and ultimately decides your fate when each game is over, and declaring a vendetta against other leaders means their position becomes damaged in the race to political domination, making them look weak. You get two slots each turn, and these slots are where you can choose to gather currency, bid on particular items to bolster your standing, or declare a vendetta against an opponent. It makes the whole process of war drawn-out and thrilling. It’s not simply declare war and go in pitchforks blazing; it plays out over multiple turns as you have to wait to see how an enemy responds.

While you have these resources at your disposal, enemies call also wage war against you and find ways to drain your prestige. You’re forever looking over your shoulder, but that’s what makes Solium Infernum challenging and ultimately more exciting. Yes, you do have means to strategize by belittling opponents and weakening their campaigns, but they can do that to you as well. Having this meticulous process available to both you and your enemies makes each game feel more like devil chess than Diablo IV. Be prepared to feel the highs of smart decisions and the lows of subterfuge strike when you weren’t expecting it.

While Solium Infernum is a phenomenal game, it does take a hell of a lot of time to learn its systems. The tutorial offers some decent guidance, but the real teachings come from your failings. There’s a lot to do when you have your turns, such as bidding on powerful leaders for your armies, magic rituals, and partaking in all matters of diplomacy that you’ll have to fail before you can truly succeed. With that said, the time you put in is rewarded greatly, and despite there being a lot to take in, it will eventually click. When it does, you’ll adore everything it has to offer.

Solium Infernum is at its best when playing against other people. If everyone in a game knows how to get the best out of every turn, every decision can lead to some highly dramatic outcomes. The AI of computer-controlled Archfiends isn’t bad by any means, but the real joy comes from outwitting real players. Imagining them squirming and screaming from behind their computer screen after successfully reigning supreme after a vendetta is a wonderful feeling, and something few strategy games have been able to do in such a way that feels fresh and exciting.

Solium Infernum is stress-inducing, tense, and dramatic, but it is also one of the most fulfilling strategy games I have played in recent years. It has taken me a long time to get properly acquainted with its systems, but after learning and experimenting through failure and defeat, I’ve been able to take away plenty of enjoyment from the latest League of Geeks title. If you’re after a different approach to board games that require a fetish for deception, this is one you need to play right away.


Offers plenty of opportunities to succeed
Deceptive gameplay is so much fun
Satisfying mechanics


Difficult to learn its systems

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In Short

Solium Infernum is one of the most exciting and enjoyable strategy games of recent years, offering a fresh approach to the board game genre.