Sades Locust Plus Gaming Headset review

by on August 21, 2020

The Sades Locust Plus 7.1 Surround SOund Gaming Headset is a solid choice for anyone on a budget. Available for less than £40, it packs in a few extra optional features that aren’t always present on cheaper models and performs fairly well comparatively.

If I’ve any real complaints they’re most preferential things rather than real issues. The lack of a detachable mic, for one, isnt great, especially as when you mute the Locust Plus the LED on the tip of the mic flashes red at you. It’s adjustable, at least, but still a little detracting.

The build quality is adequate, though, with a chunky plastic form, thick padding on the ear cups and an adjustable headband. In-line controls allow you adjust the volume, mute function, and modify the RGB lighting effects, and I found the sound quality to be decent overall. I used the Locust Plus primarily with my PC, though I did play some Ghost of Tsushima with it on PS4 and have no complaints about the sound besides the fact that the 7.1 surround sound feature sounds better on PC, but there again a PC is a lot more configurable.

One thing I do like about this headset is the overall feel of it. While it’s undeniably a budget headset, it has a decent weight to it and feels durable. I’m not a fan of the way the headband looks when on, though, as it feels just a little too large for my tastes.

More and more these days, RGB lighting is becoming a must-have feature for streamers and content creators, and while it’s nice to have it included in budget models, I always find it looks a little try hard. More money and time spent on things like a more durable cable or more compact design for the headband might have been better. That said, the RGB lighting looks decent, and having it adjustable using the in-line controls is very handy.

Anyone in the market for a budget headset would do well to check out the Sades Locust Plus. Although not a household name, yet, Sades have created a very competent unit here with decent if not mind-blowing sound quality, a sturdy build and enough RGB to at least hang around the bigger guns, if not quite get on their level.