TOZO Golden X1 earbuds review

by on August 3, 2023

It’s fair to say that wireless earbuds like AirPods are all the rage nowadays, but I’ve always been happier with a comfy pair of headphones. Sure they’re less discrete and a bit bulky to take with you, but I’m a man of habit and have been using big ole cans to listen to my podcasts and video game soundtracks for well over a decade. I’m always happy to try something new though, and there is no better way to do so than with the TOZO Golden X1.

If ever there was going to be a pair of earphones that were going to tempt me away from my headphones, it’s the TOZO Golden X1s. From the moment the box arrived I knew I was dealing with a premium product. I was already pretty impressed by the lovely glossy packaging, but what really tipped the experience over the edge was the magnetic seal on the box. We’re talking serious luxury here, and it definitely made a good first impression.

The earphones themselves are sleek and black, with a snazzy gold TOZO on the outside. Perhaps more visually impressive though is the charming charging case that comes with them, which the earphones snap into with a magnet for a power boost at a moment’s notice. When you open this up you’re greeted by a small light up display that shows how charged each earphone is and how much charge the case has remaining too. From the earphones and case combined you’ll be able to get up to thirty hours of listening time from these little beauties, and a couple of hours from a USB C cable (or a cheeky bit of wireless charging) will get you back up to maximum battery.

TOZO Golden X1 earbuds

Now one of my issues with earphones in the past has been getting a fit for my ears which I guess must be a bit on the large side. Well the TOZO Golden X1 wasn’t going to have me miss out on top quality audio goodness, and came with six different sizes of eartip to ensure the perfect fit. After switching to a size up I had some seriously comfy (and surprisingly lightweight) earbuds ready to go, and even during a frantic dance session they stayed firmly in place.

Connecting the TOZO Golden X1 earphones to your devices is easy with the power of Bluetooth 5.3 technology. Admittedly this is pretty basic stuff, and it should be stated that the distance this Bluetooth reaches is a little on the disappointing side. On the few occasions I left my phone in another room while doing some housework the connection would drop almost immediately, which compared to similarly priced earphones isn’t particularly impressive. It’s not a huge deal because, let’s face it, your phone is usually just going to be in your pocket, but it stood out to me in everyday use.

TOZO Golden X1 earbuds

Speaking of everyday use, in this noisy world sometimes you just want to shut out those barking dogs and crying babies when you’re out for the weekly shop. The TOZO Golden X1 has got you covered with its wonderful noise cancellation features. There are a whole host of options you can use depending on the situation, whether you want to get rid of the wind, the world, or change to transparent mode and hear your buddy talking. I was massively impressed by these settings, and I can’t imagine going back to having no noise cancelling in my headphones.

There are other features the Golden X1s I’d struggle without now, like the ability to change the volume of a podcast in an instant with the touch controls on the earphones. Once you’ve memorised how many touches or holds you need to do to activate the commands, you’ll be able to answer phone calls, change the type of noise cancelling and skips tracks without ever getting your phone out of your pocket. It’s so handy, although admittedly hitting the right spot takes some getting used to.

TOZO Golden X1 earbuds

The moment you’ve all you audiophiles have been waiting for is here: let’s talk about sound quality. For the mid tier price the quality of the audio is simply sensational, thanks to the 12mm dynamic drivers . I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert in the technical side of earphones, but I can say that I personally have never experienced audio quality quite like this, especially from earphones.

If you want to personalise your audio experience too, you have the option by downloading the TOZO companion app. There are all sorts of preset options you can setup to improve the quality based on the genre of music you’re likely to be listening to, and there’s even a hearing test which, once taken, will enable the Golden X1 to compensate for any hearing deficiencies you have. It’s an impressive app, and one that will ensure you have an even better time with these wonderful earphones.

The TOZO Golden X1 are some seriously impressive earphones with a mid tier price tag. Whether you care about audio quality, noise cancellation, or handy touch controls, these snazzy little buds have all this and more. You’ll have to spend a bit of money to get your hands on this premium product, but I doubt you’ll be disappointed when you do.


Great sound quality
Amazing noise cancelling
Touch controls are so handy
A seriously premium product


The Bluetooth doesn't reach very far
The price tag is still high

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In Short

If you're willing to spend the money then the TOZO Golden X1 earphones won't disappoint, with fantastic sound quality and noise cancelling.