Sky and 360 Hoping For 2nd Time Lucky

by on October 28, 2009

Hoping to enjoy some sky tv on your xbox 360? Well the service launched yesterday but was soon pulled due to technical difficulties and should be re-launched today.

“The service has been suspended due to an unforeseen technical issue.” Sky said in a statement.
“Sky Player engineers are hard at work to resolve the problem. We expect to have the full service available on Wednesday.”

If you wish to watch sky on your 360 you will need an xbox live gold membership and a sky subscription with multi room or unlimited broadband. Alternately if you do not currently have a sky subscription you can become one with the basic package starting at £15 a month with no set top box or installation needed.

-Update- There is a new update for the 360, however the sky player does not seem to be available yet.

It turns out the mandatory update is to enable WPA 2 support for the 360 wireless adaptor.

The Sky Player can now be downloaded from the video section of xbox live.

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  • danimak

    what time today!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/AryelAbrahami Aryel Abrahami

    We have no idea at the moment, they are probably making sure its 100% ready to go this time. As soon as we know the post will be updated.

  • Nick

    Do you know what this update is meant to do???? Its only that ive just updated my xbox but it doesnt seem to have doine anything or added anything???

    any help?

  • http://twitter.com/AryelAbrahami Aryel Abrahami

    The update is actually for the wireless adapter to enable WPA 2 support. Dissapointing I know but we are still expecting to see sky on our 360's today.

  • Nick

    Cheers at least now i know… i thought i was just stupid…. i dont even use a wireless adapter so its of no use to me lol

    welll nvm lets just hope they can get this right

  • Ben Drinkwater

    i've been checking my xbox for the past 2/3 hours… i've had the update but still no luck!!!
    come on xbox!