Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Demo Available Now

by on December 17, 2010

Nintendo is getting into the Christmas spirit by offering a free demo of their upcoming title Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for Nintendo DS from today.

Players will be able to download the free demo from the DS Download Service section of the Nintendo Channel on their Nintendo Wii console. Still not sure if you’re interested? Not even sure what Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is? Read on to find out more…

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is developed by Shu Takumi, the guy behind the massively popular Ace Attorney series and revolves around the player playing as the spirit of a recently deceased detective. You interact with, and possess, objects that are dotted around the world in order to find out what happened to you and, eventually, solve your own murder.

Here’s a gameplay trailer for you to feast your eyes on.

The new Christmas demo, titled Deliver the Christmas Present!, is available now. The full game is due to be released in Europe on January 14th.

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