Remedy “Max Payne 3 is F***ing Brilliant”

by on April 9, 2012

Remedy-"Max-Payne-3-is-F***ing-Brilliant"The CEO of Remedy Entertainment has had some pretty nice things to say about Rockstar’s latest game.

While speaking to GamesIndustry International, Matias Myllyrinne had this to say about the upcoming Max Payne 3:
“It’s f***ing brilliant. I’ve had a chance to play it and we’ve worked with Rockstar a little bit – obviously, they’re doing the heavy lifting. They’re doing the development. Those guys, they just don’t put out bad games. And so, in that respect, it’s very – it’s almost like the best position to be in. It’s like somebody’s making a great game and you just get to give them input, and it’s already brilliant so I’ve enjoyed it”.

It’s a promising sign to see Remedy so positive about Max Payne 3, often developers shy away from endorsing new installments to franchises they started.

Rockstar have been releasing a slew of information regarding Max Payne 3 in recent weeks including pre-order incentives, multiplayer details and new screenshots.

We’ll all get to see just how f***cking brilliant Max Payne 3 is when it launches on May 15th/18th in the US and Europe respectively and on PC May 29th.

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