The Only Thing Between Life and Death is Fear – Aliens: Colonial Marines “Survivor” Trailer

by on November 27, 2012

The Only Thing Between Life and Death is Fear - Aliens: Colonial Marines "Survivor" TrailerThey’re coming out of the Goddamn walls in the newest trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines’ multiplayer, this one focusing on the all-new Survivor mode.

Survivor pits four players as marines against an onslaught of Xenomorphs and gives them just one objective: stay alive. Cue frantic, panicked action and sweary man-fear as the whole concept of short, controlled bursts goes right out of the window. Aliens come thick and fast, and staying alive will require teamwork, tactics and balls of steel – mess up too many times and it’s Adios, Muchachos.

We’re not completely certain that the aliens in the film were able to explode at will (or why they’d want to, since their entire motivation is to propagate their species) but we’re not here to ask silly questions. The fact is that despite initial fears over little things like Colonial Marines’ entire setting having been vapourised at the end of Aliens, slowly and surely Gearbox have won us over to the point where we are now hugely excited about this game’s potential. Check out the rather brilliant trailer below to see why.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released worldwide on February 12 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PC and Nintendo Wii U.

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