God of War HD Available Free for European PlayStation Plus Members, Right Now!

by on February 27, 2013

God-of-War-HD-Free-to-PS-Plus-MembersSony just can’t stop giving games away to their PlayStation Plus members, and the latest game to join the massive stable is the original God of War, but the HD version.

You can grab the game right away through the web-portal to Sony’s Entertainment Network store; here’s a link. The game requires 9.09GB of HDD space.

It’s a timely freebie, too, with God of War: Ascension not too far away from being released. On that note, you can check out our preview of the game that was published this week, here.

Update: According to the PlayStation Blog, the game will only be available for two weeks, from today. So grab it in that period because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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  • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com/ Xino

    2 WEEKS!? two weeks? Oscorps will be dead by then!

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Nearly 10gb? Geez, I wouldn’t even download that. I’m still using a 250gb hard drive in mine, eventually I’ll upgrade to a terabyte(I’ve only owned my PS3 for three months, it already has less than 20gb left). Until then, though, I wouldn’t download this. Eh, I live in the USA so I guess I don’t get that option anyways.

  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    Does seem big, but it’s definitely worth it.

    Ah, you’re in the USA, I see…

  • Neo