Guild Wars 2’s Third Instalment in Flame and Frost Series has Arrived

by on March 27, 2013

Guild-Wars-2-Third-UpdateIt’s a four-part series, and this third instalment for Guild Wars 2 brings a load of new updates to the Guild Mission system and World vs. World content.

This new update is in addition tot he continuing Living Story, which sees a hybrid army erupt through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks.

Here’s the details:

  • Guild Mission Updates – Take on ‘Guild Bounty Target’ missions, cash in for new rewards and many other system improvements
  • New Guild Mission Type – The ‘Bounty Hunt Training’ missions are designed to provide small and casual guilds with an avenue for accessing and unlocking guild content
  • World XP and World Ranks – Participate in WvW events and defeat players to earn World Experience (WXP) and unlock special World Ranks
  • World Abilities, Titles and Scoreboards – Improve your characters, show off your expertise to your enemies through titles and new improved scoreboards

Finally, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have released 7 new screenshots to showcase some of these features, which you can see below.

Guild Wars 2 is available now for Windows PC.

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