Trials Frontier Coming to iOS Devices on April 10th

by on March 24, 2014

It looks as though April is going to be “Trials Month”, as we’ve got Trials Fusion (of which I’m just downloading the beta, and will report back soon!) and Trials Frontier (that’s the free-to-play mobile game) both being released then. The Android version will be coming on a later date.

I’m sure we’ll have a review for you at some point nearer the time, but until April 10th rolls around, here’s a new trailer and the official blurb on the release date:

Set in a future wild-west like environment, after the fall of the Trials Fusion universe, civilization has sputtered out and humanity has fallen back into a pattern of small, isolated villages which players will unlock as they progress through the game. Players will race and perform tricks amongst the ruins of the past, to discover quirky characters, a wild story and parts and blueprints to upgrade, customize and unlock new bikes. By connecting with Trials Fusion, an upcoming downloadable console and PC title, players will gain access to bonus rider gear.

Players can challenge friends to races across the extensive Trials Frontier world with in-game social features that will allow players to track friends’ progress across the Leader Boards and share their favorite moments through social networks.

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